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Hydra Squat Rack and Attachment Ecosytem

The uprights of our Hydra squat racks measure true 3″ x 3”. By matching the same tubing specs as many of our competitors, you can mix and match attachments freely without needing to stick to one brand — hello, open ecosystem!


Choose a pre-made design or build your own piece-by-piece. You can always add separate components later when you’re ready to expand your unit and we have a HUGE collection of attachments to add even more functionality.

Hydra Squat Rack Reviews

Check out some reviews from the biggest names in the Home Gym industry. Our Hydra series made Garage Gym Reviews list of the Best Squat Racks for 2023. Check out their full Hydra review in the video or read about it here. Gluck’s Gym also did an in-depth review of the Hydra ecosystem.

Squat Rack Home Gym Builder

SAVE BIG and get everything you need to outfit your home gym — exactly the way you want — with our Home Gym Builder. Start by selecting your favourite power rack, bench, and barbell (plus your FREE gift) and easily compare the costs & benefits of each option to meet your exact needs. Then, add on optional extras to take advantage of additional savings to craft the home gym of your dreams!

Light Commercial Squat Rack

The best value rack on the market. Perfect for training studios, home gyms, die hards and amateurs. The Light Commercial Squat Rack features a plethora of accessories to bring your home training to the next level. The rack includes one pair of sandwich J-cups, one pair of roller J-cups, one pair of spotter straps, 4 band pegs, multi-grip pull up bar, and concrete anchors

Residential Squat Rack

The Residential Squat Rack is the perfect complement your home gym, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise quality. The rack includes one pair of triple padded j-cups, pin pipe safeties, bare steel pull-up bar and concrete anchors.

Why Buy a Bells of Steel Squat Rack?

Trusted by thousands of Americans for our quality, reliability, value, and backed by dozens of 5-star reviews a 30-day money back guarantee, you can rest assured that when you buy your next squat rack from B.o.S., it will be the last that you ever need!

Here at Bells of Steel, we designed our power racks and squat stands to be strong enough for even the most serious of athletes. We don’t want you to ever outgrow or feel the need to replace your B.o.S rack. No, we want your B.o.S. power rack to be the last rack you ever have to buy.

To that end, we’ve built all of our power racks and squat stands with high-quality, high-strength steel. Our racks have reinforced welds and thick-gauge, steel tubing that makes for a sturdier, highly durable, and safe piece of equipment — a product that will outlive us all. Our squat racks and squat stands will withstand anything you can throw at them, and we stand by that with a lifetime structural warranty. We truly do want you to have peace of mind and confidence when using your Bells of Steel power rack — hell, any Bells of Steel equipment for that matter.

A solid, functional power rack doesn’t end with the frame though. Offering high-quality components and accessories is also essential. All of our power racks come standard with superior j-cups, a safety system, and a pull-up/chin-up bar. Some of our racks come standard with even more equipment than that; like band pegs and concrete anchors.

These standard accessories aren’t just your basic, run-of-the-mill pieces either. We’ve given lots of thought to the design of our rack accessories. Our j-cups, for instance, are triple-padded; able to protect your bar from every possible angle. This keeps your bar’s finish looking new for longer, and it prevents the kind of metal-to-metal contact that can weaken and blunt your bar’s knurling.

Speaking of accessories, it should be said that the majority of our racks and stands feature 1″ hole spacing in the bench region of the uprights. This feature allows you to better tune the placement of your j-cups and safeties; a very convenient and important feature.

We also offer a ton of optional accessories that allow you to turn your power rack into a fully functional gym. We have a cable crossover attachment that gives you access to chest flys, delt flys, and tricep pressdowns; to name a few; a rear-mounted lat tower that gives you access to pulldowns, rows, and face pulls; and we offer other exciting and versatile accessories like a dip station, monolift attachments, landmine, lever arms, and more. By using your power 

rack as the base for these add-ons you are able to maximize your space affordably. With access to so many exercises; both barbell and machine exercises; you’ll feel like you’re at the global gym in your own private gym. On top of that, all of our accessories are cross-compatible on all of our racks, so if you begin your home gym journey with a Residential Rack, and upgrade to the Light Commercial Rack later on, the attachments will fit both racks.

If you have your heart set on an accessory or attachment that we don’t currently offer, it’s completely possible that our power racks and stands are still compatible with that third-party accessory. We use common steel and hole configurations for our products. If you’re not sure about cross-compatibility, just ask us!

Bells of Steel power racks look great, too. We use a durable, black powder coat on most of our racks instead of a cheap, glossy paint. It’s consistent, attractive, and resilient, and it won’t flake off. The finish on a power rack is there to prevent the unit from oxidizing, and that finish is no good if it doesn’t last.

Of course, we also wanted to keep the buying process as simple as possible while staying at these affordable price points. We know that buying strength training equipment can be a complicated and even a tedious endeavor. You have a lot of options; varying levels of quality and very different price points. We want to make that process as easy on you as possible. We think we’ve pulled it off, and so do our customers in America.

At the end of the day, we offer a large selection of squat racks and squat stands, including folding squat racks and wall-mounted squat racks, that we truly believe rivals and often times exceeds our competition’s catalogs. We offer the most reasonable prices in the industry because we offer racks that are designed to be tough and to be used, but not so overbuilt that the cost becomes prohibitive.

If providing you with great options while saving you money isn’t enough to get your attention, we also offer competitive warranties and unbeatable customer service. You can’t go wrong with a Bells of Steel power rack. You simply have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


Bells of Steel produces great quality, feature-rich, warranty-backed squat racks that will last a lifetime in your home or commercial gym. We design our power racks in-house and fine-tune them thanks to your feedback. Our mission is to deliver to you the absolute highest quality to price ratio possible. Simply put, we provide you with the best power rack for the money.


Bells of Steel produces great quality, feature-rich, warranty-backed squat racks that will last a lifetime in your home or commercial gym. We design our power racks in-house and fine-tune them thanks to your feedback. Our mission is to deliver to you the absolute highest quality to price ratio possible. Simply put, we provide you with the best power rack for the money.

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squat rack
squat rack reviews
squat rack review

Why a Squat Rack?

A squat rack; or alternatively, a power rack; is the centerpiece of a gym. Whether it’s a home gym, a studio gym, or a full-size commercial gym, the squat rack is essential. This crucial piece of equipment not only allows you access to squats and the bench press, it also permits you to perform these movements safely; an especially helpful feature when training alone.

It doesn’t end with squats and presses though. Bells of Steel racks and squat stands are loaded with many design features and accessories that allow you access to so much more than these core lifts. We offer multi-grip, fat/skinny pull-up bars, adjustable dip bars, 1″ hole spacing that allow you to fine tune your j-cups and safety pin heights, and so much more. When it comes down to it, dollar for dollar, Bells of Steel racks are the best money can buy in Canada. Check out Squat Racks vs Power Racks: What’s the Difference?

squat rack for home gym
squat rack home gym

Squat RackFrequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options out there but it simply comes down to which features matter the most to you. Our power racks have adjustable j-hooks that allow you to set the height of the bar and safety catches that prevent the weight from going beyond a certain point. Check out our Residential Power RackLight Commercial Power Rack, and Brute Rack 2.1 to learn more about the breakdown of the features and major benefits.

A power rack is absolutely worth it as it’ll help you lift heavier, train harder, stay safer, and ultimately see more significant results. A power rack’s endless utility allows you to perform a huge number of exercises with a high degree of safety. It can also help you enjoy your workouts and expand your training knowledge. Bells of Steel power racks offer the potential for customization to further enhance their versatility.

Our entry-level power rack is the Residential Power Rack which costs $499.99. Our mid-range power rack is the Light Commercial costs $799.99 while our high-end Brute Power Rack costs $899.99. Bells of Stell power racks are fully customizable, and with stronger add-ons, you’ll get a rack that should be sturdier and can handle more weight. Most people can be best served with an entry-level or mid-level power rack.

Power racks with high build quality are designed to last for many decades (if you buy a good one, that is). Bells of Steel power racks are durable enough to last a very long time. We even offer a lifetime warranty on structural welds and frames, 700lbs static weight capacity. You should never buy a power rack that you have to worry about replacing in a few years.

Whether you’re setting up a full-fledged home gym or want to get the maximum benefit of powerlifting with as little equipment as possible, it is almost always necessary to have a rack when performing a bench press. With Bells of Steel, your safety is our number one priority. The safety catches and safety bars that come with our power racks allow you to adjust the height of your barbell which makes your exercises more efficient and convenient.