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Competition Bumper Plates – LB


Competition Bumper Plates are accurate to 0.1% and closely align to IWF specs, making them the perfect training plates for weightlifting.

FEATURES • Weights in LBS • Minimal bounce • 0.1% tolerance • Color-coded • Galvanized steel hub • Sold in pairs & sets





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Wickedly precise and boldly colored, the Competition Bumper Plates
are the perfect training plates for Olympic lifting.

Our custom-designed competition bumper plates don’t just look amazing, they also closely align to IWF specs and outperform solid black bumpers.

Benefits of Competition Bumper Plates

    These competition bumper plates don’t quite match IWF specs: they’re not IWF approved, but they DO check the key boxes: 450mm diameter, color-coded, and guaranteed to +/- 0.1% of the claimed weight. The thing is, they’re made in pounds instead of kilograms because, well… #freedomunits. But, don’t let that rain on your parade, they still make excellent training plates for Olympic weightlifting.
    So, you wanted durable? Then, oh boy, you’ve got it with our competition bumper plates. The galvanized center hub with its co-molded steel collar won’t spin or break from the rubber and uses an innovative method to securely lock the bolts in place. All this mumbo-jumbo to say that the hub is safeguarded against loosening and the competition bumper plates will scuff less over time.
    Alright, it’s time for science talk: the harder the material gets, the less bounce it will have. And since these competition bumper plates are made from high-density virgin rubber, they’re a huge step above crumb bumpers. Minimal bounce is ideal since it prevents excessive damage to your barbell and minimal shock to the plates, and makes for a faster transition between reps — because cardio is just lifting weights faster, right?


BrandBells of Steel
Pounds or KilogramsPounds
Weight Increments25/35/45/55
ThicknessVaries - See Images
Plate Diameter17.72"/450mm
Center Hole Diameter1.99"/50.5mm
Inserts MaterialGalvanized Steel
Plate Material100% Virgin Rubber
Durometer Rating90
Weight Tolerance+/-0.1%
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: These competition bumper plates have a precision-cut 50.5mm centre hole, so the sleeves of non-Olympic barbells might not fit if they’re out of spec.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our competition bumper plates are NOT approved by the IWF. While they do meet the correct specs, they are not officially certified for use in IWF competitions.

The competition bumper plates are made from high-density virgin rubber, resulting in low bounce.

Yes, the competition bumper plates have a raised rubber edge that can be seen around the metal center hub. This is to prevent direct metal-on-metal contact between the plates, reducing scuffs and preserving their finish.

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, your competition bumper plates are protected against defects in material, function and workmanship.