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Weightlifting Chains


Our zinc-plated chains are perfect for busting through sticky plateaus by adding progressive resistance to your training regimen.





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Weightlifting Chains for progressive resistance
to help you skyrocket your lifts.

Chains are an amazing training tool to help you break through plateaus and get stronger!

Similar to resistance bands the chains you are lifting progressively become heavier, providing maximum muscular stimulation throughout the entire range of motion.

For example, you may be able to do a quarter squat with 600 lbs, but you may be able to only full squat 400 pounds. With chains, you can make it so the weight at the top is 600lbs, and as you squat down, more chains will pile onto the floor, making the load lighter.

They also look and sound totally badass.

A “set” consists of two large chains, two small connecting chains and two quick links.

You get added versatility with two extra-long, 3/16 x 72″ attaching chains. The extra length allows you to adjust up to a full standing length of 8 feet or adjust as short as you prefer. The attaching chain goes through any link in the larger chain and connects to form a complete loop that slips over the ends of the bar.

Or, you can just buy additional strips of just chain to your existing set.

How much chain do I need?

If you bench pressChain Weight
Under 200lbs bench20-30 lbs
200-400lbs bench40-50 lbs
400-500lbs bench80-90 lbs
+500lbs bench80-90 lbs
If you squatChain Weight
Under 200lbs squat40-50 lbs
200-400lbs squat50-60 lbs
400-500lbs squat60-70 lbs
500-600lbs squat80-90 lbs
600-700lbs squat90-100 lbs
+700lbs squat120 -140 lbs