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Flat Utility Bench


An economical & lightweight Flat Utility Bench.

FEATURES • 37.2lb weight • 14-gauge steel • 2″ thick pad • 2″ x 2″ steel • 661lb capacity • Black power coat • Hardware included • Ships unassembled


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This item: Flat Utility Bench

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With the Flat Utility Bench, you'll be benchin' on a budget in no time.

After countless requests, our Powerlifting Flat Bench decided to get lean. And I mean, REAL lean.

For your wallet, of course — and those washboard abs. But mostly for your wallet.

Benefits of the Flat Utility Bench

    If you’re pinching pennies nickels (thanks, inflation) then look no further than the Flat Utility Bench. Its cost-effective price tag is more affordable than our beloved Powerlifting Fat Bench, and substantially less expensive than our Hero Bench. And while savings like these come with some trade-offs like average padding and thinner steel, at least you won’t have to take out a loan from your child’s piggy bank.
    Our Flat Utility Bench is the gym equivalent of mountain goat — lightweight, portable, and able to hang from walls in gravity-defying positions. Its nimble 37.2lb weight makes it easy to move into your power rack or carry it across your gym. But if you really want to impress us, you could haul it up a cliff while racing against this steroid-abusing mountain goat (pictures of your victory are required, or it never happened).
    Every home gym needs a bench. From chest-chiselling bench presses to back-building dumbbell rows, there are only so many upper body exercises that you can do without one. Unlike the 7 different angles of our FID Bench though, the Flat Utility Bench has only one position: flat. That said, this one-trick pony is all you need if the only thing on your mind is flat bench pressing. And seriously, how else should you rest efficiently between your sets — standing upright? Bench, please 💁🏻‍♀️


BrandBells of Steel
Frame Length44.4"/1128mm
Frame Width17.75"/451mm
Total Height17.3"/440mm
Pad Length48"/1220mm
Pad Width9.8"/250mm
Pad Thickness2"/50mm
Steel Tubing2" x 2"
Steel Thickness14-Gauge
ColorMatte Black
CoatingPowder Coat
Total Capacity661lbs/300kg
WarrantySee Below

IMPORTANT: 180-day warranty on upholstery & Limited Lifetime Warranty on Flat Utility Bench frame.

More AWESOME features on the Flat Utility Bench

Flat Utility Bench 661lb Weight Capacity

661lb Weight Capacity

Sure, benches with 1000lb capacities are cool and all but let’s be real: they’re overkill for 95% of home gyms. And while the total weight capacity of this flat utility bench is ONLY 661lbs, don’t sweat it — you’ll still be able to bench press 315lbs for sets of 50 reps without a single worry 😉

Flat Utility Bench 48 inches Long Bench Pad

48" Long Bench Pad

To keep the Flat Utility Bench budget-friendly, its pad is pretty basic (besides that crisp BOS logo). We kept it no-frills and instead, saved all the bells & whistles for our Hero Bench. And since it’s only 2″ thick, it’s not the comfiest place to catch some 💤 — but, nappers can’t be choosers.

Flat Utility Bench Sturdy 4-Legged Design

Sturdy 4-Legged Design

No witchcraft here — 4-legged frame designs are sturdier due to a wider base of support. But if being unable to freely tuck your feet back makes you want to cast your barbell out the window, then the Adjustable Utility Bench has a design (and price) that’ll convince you to dabble in the dark arts 🧙🏻‍♀️

Flat Utility Bench Lower Shipping Fees

Lower Shipping Fees

The Buzz-Saw Bench is a tank, but its 100lb weight is also a little costly to ship. Instead, the sacrifices of the Flat Utility Bench’s slimmer pad and thinner steel pay off (literally) with a lighter shipping box that weighs just 40.7lbs. This keeps fees lower — and ensures we stay BFFs with our shipping carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The flat utility bench weighs 37.2lbs/16.9kg.

The flat utility bench’s dimensions are:
  • 44.4″/1128mm length
  • 17.75″/451mm width
  • 17.3″/440mm height

The flat utility bench’s footprint is 44.4″/1128mm (L) x 17.75″/451mm (W) when assembled.

The flat utility bench’s back pad dimensions are:
  • 48″/1220mm length
  • 9.8″/250mm width
  • 2″/50mm thickness

The flat weight bench’s total weight capacity is 661lbs.

To assemble the flat utility bench, you need: 14mm, 17mm, 19mm box-end wrenches (not included).

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, protects your flat utility bench against defects in material, function and workmanship. Additionally, it has our 180-Day Warranty on upholstery.