The Team

At Bells of Steel, we strive to hire the best people, people who are passionate about our products. In fact, the majority of people that we hire were customers first!

In today’s world of timed breaks, unpaid overtime, and the general dehumanization of employees, we go the opposite way. We treat our employees with respect, value their opinions, give a solid benefits package, employ people as full-time salaried positions, provide them with the autonomy to do what they see fit, and create a fun work environment where people feel like a family and feel safe to take risks and be themselves.

This goes the same for all our overseas employees – we provide full-time positions with full benefits – sick days, vacation days, healthcare plan – the only difference being the salaries are adjusted for comparative cost of living.

We focus on taking excellent care of our team, in part because we know that happy and motivated employees do a much better job taking care of our customers. And it really shows – we hear it from employee after employee that this is the best company they have ever worked for – and we see the results in our tens of thousands of happy customers and thousands of 5-star reviews!

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