bells of steel Industrial Loadable Dumbbell
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Industrial Loadable Dumbbells – 20.5″


The Industrial Loadable Dumbbell – 20.5″ is an excellent alternative to costly and space-consuming dumbbell sets.

FEATURES • 1.1″ diameter • 20.5″ length • 13lbs weight • Black Cerakote finish • Medium knurling • Titanium-plated sleeves


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Industrial Loadable Dumbbell
This item: Industrial Loadable Dumbbells - 20.5"

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Industrial Loadable Dumbbells are an excellent alternative to expensive and space intensive sets of dumbbells.

Benefits of the Industrial Loadable Dumbell

  • SAVE THOUSANDS: Although a full set of Hex Dumbbells can be a dream come true, the costs can quickly add up and that’s before buying a single dumbbell stand! By investing in just two Industrial Loadable Dumbbells, you’ll save thousands of dollars on gym equipment.

  • RUST-RESISTANT FINISH: The shaft of the Industrial Loadable Dumbbell is coated with a rust-resistant black cerakote finish. Not only does this black-gold combo give the look of a premium bar, it helps minimize the build-up of rust.

  • SAVE SPACE: Full dumbbell sets have their place, but they can be tough to fit into a home gym. Even with our Residential Dumbbell Rack, you’ll be using up the most valuable resource in your gym — floor space. Au contraire, two Industrial Loadable Dumbbells can easily be stowed away in the corner without disturbing the natural flow of your gym.

  • GOLD-COLORED SLEEVES: Whether you’re going for good looks or rust resistance, you can’t go wrong with these titanium-plated sleeves. Applied in gold color, they’ll bring that high-class premium look that most gyms tend to miss out on. To learn more, check out Standard vs Industrial Loadable Dumbbells: What’s the Difference?



Weight13lbs / 5.9kg
Diameter1.1" / 28mm
Total Length20.5" / 520mm
Handle Length5.9" / 150mm
Loadable Sleeve Length6.7" / 170mm
Knurling MarksN/A
SleevesBlack Cerakote
Sleeve FinishTitanium Plated
Tensile Strength100,000 PSI
Max Capacity200lbs / 91kg

IMPORTANT: Please note that only 2″ (Olympic) weight plates fit on the sleeves of the Industrial Loadable Dumbbell.