Colored Bumper Plates
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Colored Bumper Plates

Commercial-grade colored bumper plates at a home gym price. Vibrantly colored with an ultra-durable design.





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Stand out in the crowd with the Colored Bumper Plates.

These commercial-grade colored bumper plates are designed to catch your eye, while adding to the lifespan of your floor and your equipment.

Benefits of Colored Bumper Plates

  • Ultra-durable. These colored bumpers are designed to survive being dropped repeatedly. The rubber build is much thicker than just a coating and the hubs are thick stainless steel insert rings with a 3-anchor point system. This design locks in the centre hub, making them durable enough for competitive weightlifting gyms.
  • Shock-absorbing. Regular weight plates will cause more wear and tear on your equipment and flooring. Our bumper plates will add mileage to your barbell and platform by absorbing some of the impact while reducing noise, too.
  • Consistent training. Regular plates come in a variety of non-standardized diameters, so if you are doing any exercises pulling from the floor, such as deadlifts, or cleans, unless you have 45lb plates on each side you will be pulling from a deficit. Bumper plates are the same diameter regardless of their weight, so you can keep your training consistent.
  • Vibrant colors. Colored bumpers are not just aesthetically pleasing, they offer additional functionality. It can often be frustrating trying to quickly and easily identify the plates you need for your workout. With their eye-catching colors, this is no longer an issue with the Colored Bumper Plates.


Diameter450mm – IWF Standard
InsertsStainless Steel
Weight tolerance+/- 1% of claimed weight
Warranty 90 days10lb & 15lb
Warranty 1 year25lb, 35lb, 45lb, 55lb

IMPORTANT: The Colored Bumper Plates may arrive with a moderate rubber smell. Rest assured, this smell will dissipate within 1-2 weeks. Wiping them down with soapy water and leaving to air dry will speed up their airing-out process.