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Belt Squat Machine 2.0 With Belt


From pain-free squats to insane quad pumps, the Belt Squat Machine does it all — without loading your torso or spine.

FEATURES • 13 unracking heights • Side or top-mounted pegs • 700lb capacity • 264lb weight • 11-gauge steel • Black powder coat • Belt included

“Amazing machine. Heavy duty and useful for not only belt squats but also deadlifts! 0 pain.” – Joshua S.


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From pain-free squats to insane quad pumps, the Belt Squat Machine does it all — without loading your torso or spine.

Whether you want to build your quads to squat more (or just be able to squat, period), this back-friendly Belt Squat Machine will actually have you excited for leg day.

Benefits of the Belt Squat Machine

    Barbell back squats are great, but back issues and upper-body injuries can leave you doing diddly-squat for months (or years)… until now! This belt squat machine transfers the load from your back onto your hips, so you can squat with ZERO spinal loading or upper body involvement. But don’t take our word for it; a research study using a similar lever-style belt squat machine found that “Belt squats may be a suitable alternative to back squats in order to avoid stressing low back or trunk musculature.” So, grab your squat shoes and belt up. It’s time to squat heavy again! 🏋🏻‍♀️
    If you want a huge squat, you need strong quads (source). And to target them effectively, you need to squat deep enough. So, it makes us pull our hair out when we see belt squat machines that don’t even let you squat to parallel (SERIOUSLY, whyyy?!) But with our Belt Squat Machine, the plate pegs (weight horns) can be mounted vertically, so your weight plates don’t bottom out on the floor before you go ATG. The platform also has a center cut-out to allow the middle beam another couple inches of depth, letting you squat deep enough that you’ll finish your set saying, “Oh my QUAD!”
    It’s no surprise that standalone belt squat machines aren’t cheap. Just look at some of our competitors, where you’ll pay at least $2,000… BEFORE shipping fees. Our Belt Squat Machine was made to be the best bang-for-your-buck option — intelligently designed while still being affordable enough for home gym enthusiasts. But if you’d prefer something compact and more economical, no biggie! You’ll probably dig the Belt Squat Lever Arm Rack Attachment 😎

Specs - Belt Squat Machine

BrandBells of Steel
Widest Width81"/2057mm
Narrowest Width52.5"/1334mm
Handlebar Diameter0.98"/25mm
Plate Peg Diameter1.89"/48mm
Loadable Peg Length13.5"/343mm
Steel Thickness11-Gauge
Machine CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Starting/Empty Weight40lbs/18.1kg
Total Weight Capacity700lbs/317.5kg
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: The belt squat machine has 13 adjustable heights but is not guaranteed to allow all lifters to squat ATG (ass-to-grass). If you bottom out early, standing on stackable pull blocks or bumper plates will give you the extra range of motion you need.

Exercises You Can Do With The Belt Squat Machine

  • Belt Marches
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Bent-Over Rows
  • Single-Arm Rows
  • Sumo Squats

More AWESOME features on the Belt Squat Machine.

Belt Squat Highlights 1 model doing squats

Built Like A Tank

This belt squat machine is built like a tank and boasts an impressive 700lb capacity. Its 264lb weight, 11-gauge steel frame, fully-welded platform and 3mm thick top make it stable enough to use as a standalone unit. So when leg day rolls around, you’ll be ready to go to war 💪🏻

Belt Squat Highlights 2 with a model

Highly Versatile Machine

This belt squat machine was specifically built for belt squats (duh), but it’s actually a one-stop (exercise) shop. From deadlifts to split squats and rows to bicep curls, the amount of movements you can do with cable attachments is only limited by your creativity. For ultra-creative souls, check out our Cable Tower.

Belt Squat Highlights 3 front view

Better Than DIY Setups

There’s no shortage of DIY belt squat setups that save money. But beyond the cost savings, a standalone belt squat machine will beat almost every DIY version. The setup is faster, the movement is safer, and the gains are more transferrable to back squatting — it’s a win-win-win.

Belt Squat Highlights 4 belt close up

Adjustable To Your Liking

The j-cups have 13 adjustable heights to fit a variety of lifters. Add some resistance bands to the band pegs for more tension. You can mount the plate pegs horizontally for easier plate unloading or vertically to reduce the overall machine width by 28.5″ (#spacegainzzz).

Now you know why the belt squat machine is so awesome, here's why the Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine is your best choice.

  • Inexpensive
    As of this post, there’s currently only 1 other home gym-grade option. For the most part, the other belt squat machines are huge footprint behemoths made with bomb-proof steel that sell for THOUSANDS of dollars — not ideal for the average garage gym. You also get a belt for squatting, saving you another $50-100.
  • Innovative Design
    Band pegs are something we try and slip into a lot of our products, they’re an inexpensive addition and add a lot of versatility to the product. This belt squat machine is no exception, featuring 4 band pegs.  In addition, the connection arm has a thick screw with an eyelet to be a secure & reliable attachment point for your belt squat belt.
  • Ultra-Smooth Bushings
    Using 6 bushings (4 on the primary pivot point & 2 on the safety) allows for much smoother motion, as well as being substantially more durable and safer than simple bolts.


Frequently Asked Questions

The weight of the belt squat machine is 264lbs/119.75kg.

The dimensions of the belt squat machine are:

81″/2057mm width (plate pegs horizontal)
51″/1295mm depth
40″/1016mm height

*When the plate pegs are mounted vertically, the total width reduces to 52.5″/1334mm.

The weight capacity of the belt squat machine is 700lbs/317.5kg total, or 350lbs/158.75kg per side of the machine.

The starting (empty) weight of this belt squat machine is 40 pounds. That includes the weight of the lever system, the belt and the carabiner used to attach it to the machine.

The coating on the belt squat machine is a lightly-textured black powder coating.

The loadable sleeve length of the plate pegs on the belt squat machine is 13.5″/343mm.

The plate pegs (also called “weight horns”) can be mounted in two ways on the belt squat machine. Side-mounted is easier plate loading & unloading, but takes up more space. Top-mounted saves over 2 feet of width, but loading & unloading plates is more difficult. The choice is yours!

To use the belt squat machine, step on the platform. Put on the belt and squat down to attach it to the eyelet. Stand up and pull the handle towards you. Do your squats, then push the handle away and squat down to rest the lever back on the uprights. Take off the belt and step off the platform.

This belt squat machine uses p204 bearings, which are commercial-grade pillow block bearings with Zerk fittings. Zerk fittings are important because it means that the bearings are greaseable, making for easier maintenance and a longer, squeak-free life.

If you’re bottoming out while using the belt squat machine, there are a few fixes. First, try clipping your belt directly to the eyelet without using the chain. Next, try standing on bumpers or mats, like our Stackable Pull Blocks. Lastly, we’ve heard of customers who have placed a horse stall mat on top of the platform with a section cut out for the lever to travel unobstructed.

Yes, tall people can use our Belt Squat Machine. We’ve had many lifters over 6 feet tall who use this machine regularly with no issues. Remember to adjust the chain length as needed.

This belt squat machine is nice and smooth, thanks to the commercial-grade bearings with greaseable Zerk fittings.

Only Olympic weight plates will fit the plate pegs of the belt squat machine, as the diameter of the plate pegs is 48mm.

This is what’s included with this belt squat machine:

Belt squat machine
Belt squat belt

The tools needed to assemble the belt squat machine are:

17mm wrench & socket
19mm wrench & socket
24mm wrench & socket
One ratchet to fit the sockets above

*Correctly sized box-end, adjustable & socket wrenches are suitable alternatives.

The shipping box dimensions of the belt squat machine are:

Box 1:

147lb weight
37″ length
37″ width
6″ height

Box 2:

132lb weight
50.25″ length
16.5″ width
5.5″ height

The belt squat machine is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.