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Belt Squat Machine
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Belt Squat Machine 2.0 With Belt

The Belt Squat Machine helps to build your legs without loading your torso or spine.

FEATURES • Custom unracking heights • Top & bottom band pegs • 119.7kg/264lbs weight • Black powder coat • Sturdy 11-gauge steel • 700lb capacity • Belt included


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From pain-free squats to insane quad pumps, the Belt Squat Machine
builds your legs — without the spinal loading.

Our belt squat 2.0  is by far the best money value belt squat available and comes with some excellent upgrades:

  • Beefed up the steel to 11 gauge with 0 gauge connection plates for a 700lb weight capacity
  • Optional side or top loaded pegs (top loaded is recommended for a full range of motion)
  • Top and bottom band pegs
  • Includes heavy duty belt

There’s been a lot of hype around belt squats as of late, and for good reason; they work.

For more info, check out 10 Muscle Building Exercises for the Belt Squat Machine.

Here’s a breakdown of why they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and what they can do for your training:

  • No upper body
    The belt squat totally removes stress on your spine and upper body from the equation, allowing you to just train your lower body. Even a leg press still places a load on your torso, taking the weight off your torso allows you to give your upper body a break, or even work around injuries.
  • Glute activation
    The belt squat really emphasizes hip extension resulting in excellent glute activation, which will ensure your buns will be as jacked as your guns.
  • Not just belt squats
    The belt squat machine can be used for a variety of exercises, such as rows, Romanian deadlifts, tricep extensions and high pulls, which make the square foot trade-off for the machine a little better.
  • Superior bushings on pivot points for a smooth movement
  • Adjustable band pegs for added dynamic resistance
  • Top and bottom pegs for adding banded resistance
  • 51 inches long, 52″ wide, 40″ tall and the base is 35.5″ wide
  • Includes heavy duty belt with 2 feet of chain and 2 caribeners
  • Adjustable jcups
  • Black powder coating
  • Weigh’s in at a beefy 264lbs and ships unassembled in 2 boxes
  • Made of 60 x 60 mm steel 3mm thick with 8mm connection plates/ 2.3″ x 2.3″ 11 gauge steel with 0 gauge connection plates
  • Optional side of top loaded plate pegs
  • Freestanding standalone unit that does not need to be mounted

So now that you know why the belt squat is so awesome, let me lay down why the Bells of Steel belt squat is your best choice

  • Inexpensive
    As of this post, there’s currently only 1 other home gym gade belt squat, for the most part, they’re huge footprint behemoths made with bomb proof steel that sell for thousands of dollars, not ideal for the average garage gym. You also get a belt for squatting, saving you another $100.
  • Innovative design
    Band pegs are something we try and slip into a lot of our products, they’re an inexpensive addition and add a lot of versatility to the product. The belt squat is no exception, with 4 adjustable band pegs.  In addition, the connection arm has a thick screw with an eyelet to be a secure & reliable attachment point for your belt squat belt.
  • Bushings for a smoother ride
    Using 6 bushings, 4 on the primary pivot point, 2 on the safety, allows for much smoother motion, as well as substantially more durable and safer than a simple bolt.


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Mark S.

Great machine

Everything about this product and this company is top notch. The quick delivery, the easy assembly (using the great YouTube video), the quality of material, and the great communication all make this purchase one of the best I’ve ever made for my home gym. The use of the belt squat machine is smooth and versatile. It will save my aging neck and back as I build strength and size in my legs. Thanks Bells of Steel! I look forward to buying more from you!

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Build strength & general health

Bells of Steel

Hey Mark, Thanks for the 5 star review. We believe the belt squat is top notch as well. Assembly videos definitely help with assembling so you can get to those leg gainz as quick as possible. Enjoy building strength and size in the posterior chain. Thanks again, The B.o.S. Crew

Iverson C.

Makes me work

My husband and son put this together for me. As mechanics, builders, farm guys, they were very impressed with the structure and quality! As far as me, I am a female lifter in my 40s. Blown discs in my back make me super cautious with barbell squats. The belt squat has been in my house less than a month, I am coming back from mildly reinjuring my back, and I typically work legs and hips twice a week. After 3 workouts using the belt squat my barbell back squat suddenly was easy and I could add weight. I am actually squatting slightly more than before my reinjury! Of course I can use it for other body parts as well and it has integrated into my routine very easily. Having never even seen a belt squat in person before, I am very, very happy with my purchase. It will get used by just me for many years and I won’t ever regret the space it takes.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Live well into life being strong and capable.

Bells of Steel

Hey Iverson, Thank you for the 5 star review! If the build can hold up to the opinions of farm guys and mechanics it sounds like we did a good job in build quality. It’s amazing to hear that you had injured your back and after using the belt squat your back feels better and you are squatting more than before. Continue living well and be as strong as possible while staying injury free. Thanks again, Andrew and team B.o.S



I wanted a few yes to buy this thing. Can't say enough good things about it. My only question is when calculating the max, what is the weight of the arm empty?!? 👍

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Dad fitness

Bells of Steel

Hey thanks for the 5 stars! The belt squat machine is a great piece of equipment to really work the quads. The arms empty, don't add any weight to your total, they're basically weightless. We're glad you like the belt squat. Enjoy the gains, Erica and the B.o.S crew!

Tony T.

Reverse Hammer 2.0 - 2 in 1 GHD and Reverse Back Extension

fantastic came in a timely fashion, was easy to put together and is working great for me,. using it twice a week since I got it and thinking I will be for the for see able future.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: powerlifter/powerbodybuilder

Bells of Steel

With the belt squat machine working your legs and not your back, it's a great addition to any routine. Enjoy the gains, Erica and the B.o.S crew!

Brad M.

Great machine!

Love this machine! Have been through 2 knee surgeries in past 2 years so regaining leg strength has been a necessity and a challenge. The belt squat machine has been a huge plus for increasing the weight and strength in my leg without a need for spotter, etc but also a much better movement/ range of motion than a leg press machine

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Live to 100!

Bells of Steel

Hey Brad, Thanks for the five-star review. Glad you're getting stronger and pushing through the challenges following surgery! The Belt Squat is an awesome machine for it. Keep up the solid work, buddy! Thanks again, and happy lifting! Kat and the B.o.S. Crew