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Axle Collar Zip Clips


Lightweight and robust 3D-printed axle barbell clips that lock in your plates, so you can hit PRs with confidence.

FEATURES • Orange color • 2″ width • 0.2lbs weight • Made with PETG filament • Sold in pairs • Fits 1.9” diameter sleeves


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Axle Collar Zip Clips are the best alternative to expensive axle collars.

Ah, yes — the undeniable anger when you go to secure your weight plates onto your multi-grip bar but your spring collars do not fit… *throws barbell out window*

Instead of inventing a new vocabulary of curse words in your fit of rage, just grab a pair of these lightweight axle collar zip clips — they might just save a barbell’s life.

Benefits of the Axle Collar Zip Clips

    Unlike our Barbell Zip Clips, these axle collar zip clips fit the slightly smaller 1.9″ sleeves of specialty barbells. So, they’ll conveniently fit our Lever Arms Rack Attachment and Arch Nemesis Barbell. Gone are the days of having plates fly off your sleeves!
    Each Axle Collar Zip Clip is made in-house at our Calgary headquarters from PETG plastic filament, giving it an ultra-lightweight design. Weighing in at just 90g/0.2lbs per clip, they’re even lighter than the classic spring collar.
    The pressure-cuff design of these axle collar zip clips reliably grip your barbell’s sleeves. With a beefy 2-inch width, they’ll keep your plates in place during your workout without scuffing up your barbell sleeves.
    Unlike spring collars, Axle Collar Zip Clips will work no matter which side of the clip is placed on the bar first. The two tabs to expand the clip are easy to pinch, making them easy to put on and remove from the bar.

Specs Per Axle Collar Zip Clip

BrandBells of Steel
Inner Diameter49mm/1.93"
MaterialPETG Filament

IMPORTANT: To extend the life of your Axle Collar Zip Clips, we recommend NOT storing them on your barbell in between workouts. This will help them maintain their pressure-cuff tightness for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Axle Collar Zip Clip weighs 90g/0.2lbs

The Axle Collar Zip Clips’ dimensions are:

  • 77.7mm/3.06” length
  • 50.8mm/2” width
  • 48mm/1.93” inner diameter

Yes, the Axle Collar Zip Clips do fit the sleeves of axle bars. They also fit the steel tubing sleeves on our Arch Nemesis Bar or Lever Arms.

No, the Axle Collar Zip Clips do NOT fit the 2″ diameter sleeves of Olympic barbells.

The Axle Bar Zip Clips are made from PETG plastic filament.

Bells of Steel offers a 1-year warranty on Axle Collar Zip Clips.