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High Density Foam Roller


Relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility with our high density foam roller. Perfectly sized for portability and great for post-workout recovery.

FEATURES • 17.6″ long • 6″ diameter • High density foam • Black with white B.o.S logo • Smooth texture


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Feeling knotty? We'll roll with it.

Let’s relieve some of that tension and amp up the flex appeal — your DOMS has nothing on us.

Benefits of the High Density Foam Roller

    This bad boy is denser than Arnold’s big, meaty pecs, but has enough give for foam-rolling newbies. Sure, rolling out your knots isn’t necessarily an enjoyable experience, but it’s not supposed to make things worse either. This high-density construction will help you work out those problem areas without achieving the discomfort level you feel at dinner with your in-laws.
    You’ve likely heard some random online tell you that foam rolling will reduce tension, promote recovery, and improve your flexibility and range of motion — all while sharing their super unbiased affiliate link. In this case, the actual medical experts support the claims, minus the shady ethics. Sure, it won’t replace stretching, mobility work, and relying on credible sources, but it’s a start.
    Look, size matters when choosing a high density foam roller. Too long, and it’s a nightmare to bring back and forth to the gym. Too short, and it’s impossible to target those beefy slabs tender muscles. At a compact-yet-functional 17.6″ length and 6″ diameter, this foam roller is basically the Goldilocks of the SMFR world — juuuuust right.


Brand Bells of Steel
Length 17.6"/447mm
Diameter 6"/152mm
Color Black with white B.o.S. logo
Material High-density foam

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the high density foam roller?

    The high density foam roller is 17.6″ long with a 6″ diameter.

  • Is the high density foam roller hollow or solid?

    This high density foam roller is solid.

  • Is the high density foam roller smooth or textured?

    This high density foam roller is smooth.

  • How do I clean my high-density foam roller?

    Wipe your high density foam roller down with a warm, damp cloth and mild detergent if needed. Avoid using chemicals or abrasive surfaces.

  • Can high density foam rollers help with back pain?

    High density foam rollers can help release muscle tension and improve flexibility, which can help to alleviate back pain. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using a foam roller if you have any underlying injuries or medical conditions.