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Double D Handle


Give your back muscles a boost with the Double D Handle, perfect for lat pulldowns and cable rows!

FEATURES • 7″ handles • 4.2lb weight • 25mm diameter • Texturized rubber grips • Carabiner compatible • 1-year warranty


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Build your barbarically blundering back
muscles with the Double D Handle!

What’s that? Oh, you’re bored out of your mind from having done nothing but barbell rows and chin-ups for the past 2 years? Join the team, pal.

On the bright side, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. And with this double d handle attachment, you can reinvigorate your workouts and get back to business!

Benefits of the Double D Handle

    It’s a double d handle, how complicated could it be? You’d be surprised, homie. Poorly designed versions can have a crookedly welded centerpiece, so your hands feel like they’re never quite balanced. This will feel awkward at best and at worst, can give you joint pain or uneven back muscles… talk about a lat-down. But, not OUR double d handle! The quality welds and evenly spaced handles allow for natural-feeling pulldowns and rows — something you’ll appreciate during the 12th round of your lat-pumping superset.
    The double d handle was designed to fit on cable machines that use a carabiner to fasten the attachment to the cable. And what’s a bigger buzzkill than missing a new PR attempt? Exactly, a carabiner too small to fit the cable attachment. *Wah wah wah waaaahhh* But don’t sweat it, just swap that lil’ carabiner for a one that’s a teensy bit bigger so that the double d handle can clip into the cable — problem solved.
    Thanks to the texturized rubber coating, you’ll have a non-slip grip that’s more comfortable than bare metal. And with the neutral grip handles, you’ll never have to worry about inertia straining your wrists or elbows and causing injury. Simply clip in the double d handle to deploy your fleet of lat-building exercises and sculpt that classic v-taper that’ll make you say YEAHHH BUDDY!


BrandBells of Steel
Bar Width6.9"/175mm
Bar Depth4.5"/115mm
Handle Length7.1"/180mm
Outer CoatingHardened Chrome
Handle CoatingTexturized Rubber

IMPORTANT: Due to its construction, the double d handle is only compatible with machines that have a carabiner on the end of their cable.