urethane bumper plates
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Urethane Bumper Plates

Urethane Bumper Plates are accurate to 1% and closely align to IWF specs, making them the perfect ultra-durable plates for weightlifting.

FEATURES • Urethane material • Weights in LBS • Minimal bounce • 1% tolerance • Color-coded • Hard chrome hub • Sold in pairs & sets





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If you want bragging rights for having the nicest plates on the block, then these Urethane Bumper Plates are a must-have.

Tougher (and longer-lasting) than rubber bumpers with the
same awesome spiral design as our Competition Bumper Plates.

Benefits of Urethane Bumper Plates

    These competition bumper plates don’t quite match IWF specs. And while they’re not IWF approved, but they do check the key boxes with their 450mm diameter and color-coding. The thing is, they’re made in pounds instead of kilograms because, well… #freedomunits. But, don’t let that rain on your parade, they still make excellent training plates for Olympic weightlifting with their +/-1% weight tolerance.
    Time for some #science! Urethane is a much harder material than rubber, so these urethane bumper plates are a huge step above the durability of rubber bumpers — even our competition bumper plates can’t match their toughness. Urethane also is credited with being more resistant to abrasion and sunlight, so you can use these for your outdoor workouts. Can’t say we recommend that year-round in Canada… but let us know how they perform in the snow?
    Urethane bumper plates have a special place in the hearts of home gym enthusiasts. Due to the properties of urethane, colors have more “pop” to them. This makes lettering and numbers appear crisper, adding a noticeable level of professionalism that’ll make others go “DAAAAAMNN!” Since urethane seems to defy the aging process that other plates speed through, you’ll know that your investment will still look outstanding years from now.


BrandBells of Steel
Plate Diameter17.7"/450mm
Hole Diameter1.98"/50.4mm
CoatingPowder Coat
Plate MaterialUrethane
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Due to its smaller size, the 10lb urethane bumper plate does not have the same reinforced chrome insert as the 25-55lb plates.

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