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Wide Load Bench Pad

The wide load bench pad is a 36lb extra-thick, wide, and sticky material pad and is compatible with the Bells of Steel flat bench.

FEATURES • 14” width Sticky vinyl upholstery 36lbs weight Carbon fiber color Easy assembly 4.3” thickness 


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The Wide Load Bench Pad gives you unmatched stability
for that “glued to the bench” feeling.

The wide load bench pad is a 36lb extra-thick, wide, and sticky material pad. Built with a thick piece of wood as the base, followed by heavy duty foam and extra grippy material, the wide load pad almost doubles the weight of your bench and can be swapped out as needed for your regular pad depending on your current training needs.

So what’s so great about this pad? The extra strong/wide and thickness of the pad can promote various bench press mechanical advantages, as well as potentially reduce common bench press injuries. It’s also an excellent option for lifters who are large and in charge! Plus, it just feels darn good to bench on.

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Chad S.

Fat pad for the win!!

Can't call many things fat and have it come across as a compliment these days. This pad is the exception to that, this thing is just freaking great. Slapped it on my Bells of Steel Flat Bench and low and behold it fit just like it was supposed to be there the whole time! Love the heft it added to the bench (it makes the bench quite a bit heavier) and the stability it provides while performing exercises. My only regret is that I didn't get it when I first ordered the bench.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Ethical conqueror of foreign worlds

Bells of Steel

Hey Chad, Thank you for the amazing review! We are happy to hear you are loving your Wide Load Bench Pad! Enjoy the gainz and.. Ethical World Domination? Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Peter S.

Wide load bench pad

I took the pad to an upholster and had it cut in two pieces for my adjustable bench. The upholster told me that she was very impressed with how it was constructed. I’m very happy with the product.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Stay fit
Bells of Steel Wide Load Bench Pad Review

Bells of Steel

Hey Peter, Now we don't recommend cutting up our equipment... but that does look nice! Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Crystal S.

Bells of Steele make our members happy and safe

It was requested by our members. Listening to gym users who are experienced and have long lifting history on what product they would like to see in our gym and it was this product.. The powerlifters, competitors, big guys all love it.. we wore the last two Bells of Steel pads out, and have replaced both of them..

  • My Fitness Goal Is: To provide the best possible equipment available for our members

Bells of Steel

Hey Crystal, Thanks for the awesome review. The Wide Load Bench Pad is a powerlifter favorite, and is a big hit in our Indy showroom which doubles as a powerlifting gym! Grippy. Comfortable. Solid. Glad your crew is diggin' it! Thanks again, and happy lifting! Kat and the B.o.S. Crew


Combo rack upgrade

Bench is very nice. Super grippy material and my shoulders love the extra width nearly as much as my long legs appreciate the added height. Only drawback is it did not line up to the strongarm sport combo rack. Easy fix with some new inserts and hardware.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Powerlifting

Bells of Steel

Thanks for your review! We love to see customer customize their equipment to meet their needs! Happy lifting! Erica and the B.o.S Crew!

Michael D.

This pad is fantastic

Very comfortable and solid /Users/michaeldarlow/Desktop/DSC_2138.jpg/Users/michaeldarlow/Desktop/DSC_2148.jpg

  • Product Condition: Perfect
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Machined plates
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Stay healthy
Bells of Steel Wide Load Bench Pad ReviewBells of Steel Wide Load Bench Pad Review

Bells of Steel

Hey Michael, Thanks for the five-star review. The Wide Load Bench Pad is next level for bench comfort! Glad to hear you're satisfied with yours! Thanks again, and happy benching! Kat and the B.o.S. Crew