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Blitz Stepper


Torch calories & build your cardio engine with the Blitz Stepper!

FEATURES • Stepper cardio machine • Roller-rail system • Adjustable magnetic resistance • 15 resistance levels • Joint-friendly cardio • 330lb weight capacity • Ships disassembled


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Torch calories & build your cardio engine.

Step up your cardio routine with the Blitz Stepper!

Benefits of the Blitz Stepper

    Remember the golden rule: the best cardio is the cardio you’ll actually do. Enjoy hiking, running the stairs, or the satisfaction of victory when you climb all the up to the nosebleeds section? You’ll probably love the Blitz Stepper. This cardio machine simulates the challenge of climbing stairs, one of the most effective exercises for roasting calories. By adjusting the tension using the magnetic resistance flywheel, you can personalize your workout to suit your fitness and stepping speed preference. Plus, the console tracks your progress with popular metrics (duration, calories burned, RPM, and more) with heart-rate tracking using the contact pads So, go on — build your cardio engine 🚂
    The Blitz Stepper is not only effective for cardio-building & fat burning, but it’s also comfortable and safe. Featuring long handlebars with padding, you’ll never have to worry about instability or sore hands during your long cardio sessions. The textured footplates are oversized (15.25″ long x 7.5″ wide) to fit a wide range of shoe sizes and with a thick outer ridge to keep them from ever sliding off. Thanks to the durable polyurethane rollers and steel guide rails, each rep on the Stepper is nice and smooth. And unlike a revolving stair-style stepper, your feet stay on the footplate for your entire workout, so the risk of injury of missing a step and taking a tumble is effectively zero 📉
    Knees can’t handle a revolving-style stair climber? Don’t worry, the Blitz Stepper is a different beast. It combines the up/down movement of a traditional stair climber with the low impact of an elliptical machine. The rollers slide smoothly along the solid steel guide rods for no jolts or jarring, with the top & bottom of each rep being cushioned from impact. For these reasons, this machine might is often praised by those with knee pain — and might change your mind about ever skipping the stairs again 💪

Specs - Blitz Stepper

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 176lbs/80kg
Total Length (Depth) 58"/1,473mm
Total Width 32"/813mm
Total Height 61"/1,549mm
Footplate Max Length 15.25"/387mm
Footplate Max Width 7.5"/191mm
Vertical Step Travel 12.8"/325mm
Resistance Type Magnetic
Resistance Levels 15
Flywheel Diameter 11.97"/304mm
Flywheel Weight 28.66lbs/13kg
Guide Rail Material Chrome-Plated Steel
Roller Material Polyurethane
Max Weight Capacity 330.7lbs/150kg
Warranty Frame - Limited Lifetime
Moving Parts - 2 Years

IMPORTANT: The Blitz Stepper requires a minimum ceiling height of 96 inches for the average user.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of the Blitz Stepper?

    The weight of the Blitz Stepper is 176lbs/80kg.

  • What are the dimensions of the Blitz Stepper?

    The dimensions of the Blitz Stepper are:
    • 58″/1,473mm length (depth)
    • 32″/813mm width
    • 61″/1,549mm height
  • What is the weight capacity of the Blitz Stepper?

    The weight capacity of the Blitz Stepper is 330.7lbs/150kg.

  • What is the vertical step travel on the Blitz Stepper?

    The vertical step travel on the Blitz Stepper is 12.8″/325mm.

  • What type of stepping system is used on the Blitz Stepper?

    This Blitz Stepper uses a roller-rail stepping system.

  • What type of resistance (mechanical or magnetic) is used on the Blitz Stepper?

    This Blitz Stepper uses smooth magnetic resistance using a 28lb flywheel.

  • What is the minimum ceiling height recommended for the Blitz Stepper?

    The minimum recommended ceiling height for the Blitz Stepper is 8 feet/96 inches.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the Blitz Stepper?

    The shipping box dimensions of the Blitz Stepper are: 
    • 203lb weight
    • 58” length
    • 22“ width
    • 35“ height
  • What is the warranty on the Blitz Stepper?

    The Blitz Stepper is covered under a limited lifetime warranty for the frame, and 2-year warranty on moving parts, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function, and workmanship during this timeframe.