Dumbbell Shopping Guide

Dumbbells are one of the most commonly used, and versatile, pieces of workout equipment.

They can be used in countless ways, from strength training to conditioning to HIIT, and are incredibly cost-effective. There’s basically a limitless variety of dumbbell workouts you can do.

Investing in dumbbells for your home gym opens up a ton of workout opportunities. And if you want a minimalist setup, a simple dumbbells and bench can go a long way. These are the value-packed dumbbells we carry.

Fixed Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells have a fixed weight and are what you’d call a “typical dumbbell.” The advantages are that they tend to be more durable, and less hassle, than adjustable dumbbells. Whenever you need a specific weight, just grab the dumbbell(s) and go!

The main disadvantages to fixed dumbbells are that they take up more space than an adjustable dumbbell, and can be more costly if you’re buying a full set. But, you can buy select pairs if you know what you need, instead of an entire set. We also carry dumbbell racks to maximize your storage space.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

The classic Rubber Hex Dumbbells provide a range of easily accessible weight increments. Their hex shape makes them safer to use as they won’t roll while you’re recovering from a set, and are a stable platform if you’re doing pushups off them.

The Rubber Hex Dumbbells have an ergonomic handle with medium knurling, for a solid, comfortable grip. The are sold in sets of 5-50lbs and 55-80lbs, and in 5lb increment pairs

Check out our [Custom Dumbbell Set Builder] for a set of the exact dumbbells you want, with a 10% discount!

Commercial Urethane Dumbbells

The main benefit to urethane dumbbells vs rubber hex dumbbells is they are odour free. Our rubber-hex dumbbells have a slight rubber odour. It’s not overpowering, but something to keep in mind.

The second significant benefit of urethane dumbbells over conventional rubber is that they are up to several inches more compact in heavier increments. It gives you more range of motion and makes them less awkward.

Also note that the handles are not contoured like our rubber hex dumbbells – our urethane dumbbells have a non-contoured handle, more like a barbell. So if you prefer a barbell feel for your dumbbells, these could be the choice for you.

They are available in sets of 5-50lbs, 55-80lbs, and 85-100lbs, or can be bought in pairs.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are built with space-savings, and cost-savings, in mind. A single adjustable dumbbell gives you a range of weight options. The NÜOBELL, our most popular adjustable dumbbell, has a version that goes from 5-80lbs.

If you already have a weight set, our standard loadable dumbbell works with olympic weight plates.

If you’re looking to replace a rack of dumbbells in a single product, then check out our adjustable dumbbells.

NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbells

The NÜOBELLs are an industry leader in adjustable dumbbells. You can dial-in the weight in seconds with a simple twist. And they look great too! If you want a full set of weights in a compact, easy solution, the NÜOBELLs can’t be beat.

We carry them in a variety of colors, in 5-50lb and 5-80lb options.

Loadable Dumbbells

Loadable Dumbbells are an economical solution to a full dumbbell set, if you already have olympic weight plates.The weight is adjusted by adding or removing plates from either side, and sleeves rotate.

The Industrial version of our loadable dumbbells have a rust-resistant black cerakote finish on the handles, and . This black-gold combination not only gives the appearance of a luxury bar but also helps to reduce rust buildup.

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