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Loadable Dumbbells – 20.5″


The 20.5″ Loadable Dumbbell by Bells of Steel is an excellent alternative to costly and space consuming dumbbell sets. This dumbbell bar helps you build strength with the weight plates you already have.


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This item: Loadable Dumbbells - 20.5"

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Loadable Dumbbells are an excellent alternative to expensive and space intensive sets of dumbbells.

Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbells feature an aesthetic, rust-resistant black zinc finish and bright zinc on the sleeves. A 28mm handle gives you the feel you’re used to when using Olympic bars and the brass bushings allow for a smooth rotation.

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  • Save thousands. Although a full set of Hex Dumbbells can be a dream come true, the costs can quickly add up and that’s before buying a single dumbbell stand! By investing in just two Loadable Dumbbells, you’ll save thousands of dollars on gym equipment.
  • Save space. Full dumbbell sets have their place, but they can be tough to fit into a home gym. Even with our Residential Dumbbell Rack, you’ll be using up the most valuable resource in your gym — floor space. Au contraire, two Loadable Dumbbells can easily be stowed away in the corner without disturbing the natural flow of your gym.


CoatingBlack Zinc
SleevesBright Zinc
Handle28 mm
Length20.5 inch