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Berserker Press


Versatile, heavy-duty, and super cool looking. The Berserker is a combination Viking press, car deadlift, and rickshaw — a veritable one-stop-shop for Strongman and Strongwoman training.

FEATURES • 3 equipment options in one • Fixed and rotating handle options • Fits Olympic barbells • Usable as an attachment or standalone • Easily attaches • 52.9lbs (24kg) weight • Black powder coat • Sturdy steel build


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Channel your inner Berserker and conquer your strength training goals.

Yeah, it’s tough, but so are you. Smooth sailing never made skilled sailors makes for lame stories anyway.
Versatile and easy to set up so you can save that energy for the workout ahead.

Benefits of the Berserker Press

  • 3-IN-1 DESIGN
    The Berserker combines the Viking Press, Rickshaw, and Car Deadlift for three (plus) intense exercises in one convenient piece of equipment. Choose between the fixed outer handles and rotating inner handles to target different muscle groups. You’ll be able to move between exercises quickly and efficiently, AND your budget will thank you for buying one piece of equipment instead of three. Did you know the Berserkers were known not only for their incredible feats of strength in battle, but also for their unstoppable budget shopper skills? It’s on the internet now, so it must be true!
    The hardest part of Strong(wo)man training is storing all the massive equipment. Fine… the Wheel of Pain is no picnic, either… but with this space-saving solution, you can finally fit your car in the garage buy more gear for yourself!
    While the unconventional movements are what makes Strong(wo)man great, they’re notoriously painful to set up in a home or garage gym — especially the Viking Press. But fear not, my fellow Berserkers! This innovative design makes the setup process easy for even the most inexperienced warriors. No more struggles with heavy weights, awkward angles, or PRs in creating new curse words. We’ll raise a horn to that.

Specs - Berserker Press

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 52.9lbs/ 24kg
Length 32.7"/831mm
Width 36.6"/930mm
Inner Width 33.5”/851mm
Depth 22”/559mm
Handle Diameter 1.25"/32mm
Material Steel
Finish Powder Coat
Color Black
Weight Capacity 500lbs/226.8kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Please note that the locking screw that secures the Berserker Attachment to your bar could mark up your barbell sleeve over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Berserker Press's dimensions?

    The Berserker Press dimensions are:
    • Length – 32.7″/830.6mm
    • Width – 36.6″/929.6mm
    • Inner Width – 33.5”/850.9mm
    • Depth – 22”/558.8mm
    • Handle Diameter – 1.25″/32mm
  • How much does the Berserker Press weigh?

    The Berserker Press weighs 52.9lbs/ 24kg.

  • What is the finish (coating) on the Berserker Press?

    The Berserker Press has a black powder coat.

  • Will the Berserker Press fit an Olympic barbell?

    Yes, the Berserker Press will fit an Olympic barbell.

  • How do you use the Berserker Press on a barbell?

    To use your Berserker Press, slide your barbell into a landmine. Add your desired weight plates, then fix the Berserker Press onto the opposite end of your barbell and tighten down the locking screw.

  • What is the warranty on the Berserker Press?

    The Berserker Press is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.