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Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench


This heavy-duty adjustable bench has flat, decline, and 6 incline back pad angles. It also has an adjustable seat and can be stored vertically.

FEATURES • 8 back pad angles • 3 seat settings • Premium vinyl upholstery • Stores vertically • 94lb weight • 11-gauge steel • 2.4” thick pad • 1000lb capacity • Ships unassembled

VERSION 2.0: The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench now features a decline angle, greater stability & easier assembly.





Safely train all bench angles with the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench.

By popular demand, we took our FID Weight Bench and ran it through an intense muscle-building training cycle.

The result: a heavy-duty adjustable bench that’s beefier, sturdier & sexier — and yearns for your gym, like curls yearn to be done in the squat rack.

Benefits of the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench

    Soooo, the first version of our Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench couldn’t exactly do all bench angles… that’s now been thoroughly fixed. Our current 2.0 model features 3 seat settings & 8 different back pad angles: 6 inclines, 1 flat AND 1 decline position. Compared to a flat bench, the angles of this heavy-duty adjustable bench add dozens of extra exercises to your routine — helping you build a set of pecs worthy of cashin’ checks.
    Wobbly benches are perfect if you want to add some serious sketchiness to your bench press PR attempt. But if you cherish your gains (and your neck) more than rattling your nerves, then the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench is a must-have. Its thiccc 94lb weight, stout front support and broad rear crossbeam give it that glued-to-the-floor feeling. Go ahead, slap on those extra 100lb Mighty Grip Plates.
    The war between home gym equipment and open floor space has been raging worldwide for decades. But before you spartan-kick us into a dark bottomless pit, know that we can help shift the tides of battle in your favour. Like the Hero Bench, this heavy-duty adjustable bench has a short stopper at the head of the back plate to allow it to be tucked neatly in the corner — saving precious floor space. So, you can chill out there, King Leonidas.


BrandBells of Steel
Back Pad Length36"/915mm
Seat Pad Length14.5"/370mm
Pad Width11.8"/300mm
Pad Thickness2.4"/60mm
ColorMatte Black
CoatingPowder Coat
Steel Thickness11-Gauge
Total Weight Capacity1000lbs
WarrantySee Below

WARRANTY: 180-day warranty on wheels & upholstery and Limited Lifetime Warranty on bench frame.

More AWESOME features on the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench

Strongest Adjustable Bench

If your go-to sandwich is a double-decker submarine with triple meat, extra cheese and all the condiments, then this heavy-duty adjustable weight bench was crafted just for you. It’s even heavier, sturdier & stronger than our best-selling FID Weight Bench. But if a plain ham & cheese is your handheld of choice, then our Adjustable Utility Bench was bread bred to satisfy your wallet’s cravings.

Non-Slip Bench Pad

Displays of acrobatics belong in the circus, not your home gym. Thankfully, the premium vinyl upholstery on the 2.4″ thick bench pad of this heavy-duty adjustable bench will help you keep a solid arch throughout your set. After all, you should be ENTIRELY focused on pushing the bar while grinding out those final reps — instead of trying to earn the lead role among the contortionists.

Easy To Move

This heavy-duty adjustable bench isn’t built for off-roading, buuuut its beefy wheels and rugged handle make cruising around surprisingly easy. And taking this bench for a test drive is simple: just grab the handle and lift up for those wheels to kick in. From there, you can move it across your gym, park it inside your power rack, or ride off into the sunset together.

Aesthetically Pleasing

I get it, you’re not trying to impress anybody by working out at home. But at least someone (see note: you) can appreciate the finer touches on this heavy-duty adjustable bench: the laser-cut BOS logo on the selector arm, premium vinyl upholstery and marvelous matte-black powder coat. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get zero applause after hitting your next PR 🥺


Frequently Asked Questions

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench weighs 94.3lbs/42.8kg.

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench’s dimensions are:

  • 55.5″/1410mm length
  • 26.25″/667mm width
  • 18.1″/459mm height

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench’s footprint is 55.5″/1410mm (L) x 26.25″/667mm (W) when assembled.

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench back pad’s dimensions are:

  • 36″/915mm length
  • 11.8″/300mm width
  • 2.4″/60mm thickness

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench seat pad’s dimensions are:

  • 14.5″/370mm length
  • 11.8″/300mm width
  • 2.4″/60mm thickness

The gap between the back pad & seat pad of the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench is approximately 2.0″/51mm.

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench’s pad is a recycled hard pressure foam with a premium vinyl upholstery.

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench’s weight capacity is 1000lbs.

The Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench shipping box dimensions are:

  • 1220mm/48” (L)
  • 675mm/26.5” (W)
  • 210mm/8.3” (H)

To assemble the Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench, you need two box end wrenches (not included) and one Allen key (not included).

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, protects your Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench against defects in material, function and workmanship. Additionally, it has our 180-Day Warranty on upholstery & wheels.