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Competition Kettlebells – 4kg-48kg


These competition kettlebells are perfect for any kettlebell workout.
Originally designed for use in Kettlebell Sport (or GS, short for Girevoy Sport), they are now commonplace in gyms across the country.

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Competition Kettlebells – 4kg-48kg By B.o.S

Competition kettlebells are perfect for any kettlebell workout. Originally designed for use in Kettlebell Sport (or GS, short for Girevoy Sport), they are now commonplace in gyms across the country.

Kettle bells are the Best Workout Tool for an All-in-One Workout

The main benefits of training with kettlebells is that they are:

  • Excellent for full body workouts, exercises involving kettle bells focus on working the various muscle groups at the same time. While dumbbells are just commonly used for regular isolation exercises, such as curls and lateral raises.
  • Are very time efficient, with kettlebell workouts typically lasting less than 30 minutes.
  • Kettlebell workouts train your strength and conditioning at the same time.

Note: Because of the hollow cast system, 4, 6 and 34-46kg have 34mm handles and are not hollow core. | Warranty: Lifetime

Competition kettlebells are the best kettlebells you can buy:

  • Window size
    On competition kettlebells from 10KG – 32kg and the 48kg the window is 60mm, creating an easier insertion and superior comfort in the overhead and in the rack position. The more comfortable you are, the more reps you will be able to pump out. Though a 60mm window is superior for those with kettlebell experience, the 4, 6 and 8KG bells have a 58mm window, which is optimal for those new to kettlebells.
  • Handle
    On competition kettlebells from 10KG – 32kg and the 48kg have a 35mm diameter handle which is the international standard. The larger circumference will also reduce the risk of hand tears by creating a larger surface area to press on and for experienced athletes to relax their gip, whereas on a 34mm handle people have a tendency to squeeze too hard. On the starter bells 4, 6 and 8kg they have a 34mm handle to help beginners get adjusted to using the kettlebell before they progress to competition sizes.
  • Awesome Quality
    Perfect Bells of Steel competition kettlebells are gravity cast as one piece and have no welding, which creates an excellent surface finish and superior dimensional accuracy. They will last you a lifetime.
  • Legal for Kettlebell Sport competitions
    Meets Girevoy Sport Union (GSU), IKFF and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) standards.
  • Hollow Core
    Using a dual cast process, two moulds are used to create the competition kettlebell leaving it hollow in the middle. This make for an unbeatable balance as well as never having the dreaded “kettle rattle” you can get in bells that have scrap metal welded inside that can come loose after many drops.
  • Ergonomic design
    This competition kettlebell has been optimized to allow the athlete (a Girevik) to perform the maximum amount of repetitions in a competition. The shape of the bell makes it more comfortable when performing kettlebell exercises like the kettlebell swing. The design of the competition kettlebell also helps to prevent injury.
  • Uniform size
    Regardless of weight, so you don’t have to continuously adjust your lifting technique as you move up in weight.
  • Colour coded
    So you always know which competition kettlebell is which.

the basics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Competition kettlebells, also known as “Pro Grade Kettlebells,” are made of steel rather than iron, giving them a slight advantage over iron kettlebells in terms of durability. Competition kettlebells are the same size regardless of weight, allowing you to focus on technique – the most crucial component of kettlebell training.

Competition kettlebells are the gold standard for kettlebells since they are made of pure steel. They are universally color-coded to represent different weights, so you can find the weight you need at a glance. These are primarily used by serious kettlebells athletes who are competing in kettlebell sport (or GS – short for Girevoy Sport) or performing more high-repetition style workouts because.

Competition kettlebells are standardized kettlebells and can be used in competitions around the world. They are the same size, regardless of weight and the shape. The ergonomics of these kettlebells are standard so that they do not become a performance factor.

Competition kettlebells are generally more expensive than training kettlebells as they need to adhere to higher quality standards. The competition kettlebells from Bells of Steel are solid one-piece casting with no welding, resulting to an excellent surface polish and a hollow core for durability.

Kettlebell workouts are ideal for getting ripped. Every muscle in the body may be worked as part of a kettlebell muscle-building program, and while a well-planned kettlebell workout can help you create a lean and strong physique, your nutrition and lifestyle should still be your top priority.

Some competition kettlebells are filled with ball bearings, sawdust, or other light material to fill the space. A more durable competition kettlebells are composed of a solid one-piece steel that is accurately casted to its specific weight. Similar to the Bells of Steel Competition Kettlebells are hollow in the middle and provide unmatched balance and eliminate “kettle rattle” that can come loose after repeated drops.

There are two basic types of kettlebells: Cast Iron kettlebells and Competition kettlebells. Competition kettlebells have a slightly smaller handle diameter so your hand placement will never change. The wide base also makes it the best for floor-based exercises.

Cast iron kettlebells, on the other hand, are a more affordable option than the competition kettlebells. These kettlebells feature a higher and wider handle and they increase in size as they get heavier.

Yes, absolutely. Beginners can train with kettlebells with no problem. Home gym enthusiasts find this equipment is a cost-effective investment and offers a lot of workout benefits such as increased endurance, strength gain, flexibility, and weight loss.