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Lifting Straps


Outlift your limits with Bells of Steel Lifting Straps. Perfect for rack pulls, shrugs, and heavy deadlifts. Minimize grip fatigue while maximizing strength.

FEATURES • Sold in pairs • Dual-sided rubberized grip • 24.25”/616mm length • 1.5”/38mm width • Padded wrist protection


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Outlast your grip and outlift your limits with Bells of Steel Lifting Straps!

Your strength training potential is in the palm of your hand.

Benefits of Lifting Straps

    So you think you shouldn’t lift heavier than you can hold? Pfffft. Get a GRIP. Sure, we’re all for improving your grip strength and *ahem* getting your hands dirty, but let’s be real: your grip shouldn’t limit you from growing the LARGEST muscles in your body. Use these when hitting heavy rack pulls, shrugs, and rows to build your back with your hands intact.
    There’s nothing like a deload week before shooting for a new deadlift PR. Lifting Straps can speed up grip recovery after strength training, so you can keep those grip muscles relaxed and fatigue-free. Trust us: your overworked hands will still get plenty of exercise from all the mindless scrolling and meme-sending you do between sets.
    Lifting Straps can increase your confidence while handling heavy loads, so you stress less about your poor wittle hands and focus more on smashing your PRs. The raised “Let the Gainz Begin” tagline is extra grippy, so that bar is practically married to your hands. Studies showed that using straps leads to greater perceived grip security and power — and there’s nothing we weightlifters more than a placebo effect. I’ll take my questionable supps shaken, not stirred, thanks.


Brand Bells of Steel
Strap Length 24.25”/616mm
Strap Width 1.5”/38mm
Strap Thickness 2.5mm
Wrist Padding Length 5.25”/133mm
Wrist Padding Width 1.75”/44mm
Material 70% Cotton / 30% polyester
Color Black with white logo & grips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of these Lifting Straps?

    The Lifting Straps dimensions are:
    • 24.25”/616mm strap length
    • 1.5”/38mm strap width
    • 5.25”/133mm wrist padding length
    • 1.75”/44mm wrist padding width
    • 2.5mm strap thickness
  • What material are the Lifting Straps made from?

    The Lifting Straps are made from a dense weave of 70% Cotton / 30% polyester materials.

  • Are these Lifting Straps padded for extra comfort?

    Yes, these Lifting Straps have 5.25″/133mm x 1.75″/44mm foam cushioning for extra wrist comfort.

  • How many Lifting Straps come in a package?

    These Lifting Straps are sold in pairs – 2 per package.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Lifting Straps?

    To care for your Lifting Straps, hand wash with warm water and mild detergent then hang dry.