Urethane Commercial Dumbells
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Commercial Urethane Dumbbells


Urethane dumbbells with a chrome-coated steel handle and stainless steel heads coated in durable urethane!

Sold in sets of 5-50lbs, 55-80lbs, and 85-100lbs. Available as pairs in 10lb increments from 60-150lbs.

FEATURES • Urethane material • Chrome-coated steel handle • 32mm or 34mm handle diameter • 5lb weight increments • +/-2% tolerance

Please note: these ONLY ship by freight. If a shipping quote isn’t automatically displaying in your cart, please contact us for a manual one.





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Commercial urethane dumbbells that finally live up to their bold claims — how wonderful.

If you can get a handle on these urethane dumbbells, then you (and your clients) will be amazed.

Perfect for the lavish home gym or a high-class commercial facility.

Benefits of Urethane Dumbbells

    Cheap dumbbells can be as far as 10% over or under their listed weight. So, it’s a little nuts that your 100lb dumbbell could weigh anywhere from 110lbs to 90lbs — hello, mismatched pecs! Or arms. Or butt cheeks… talk about being assymmetrical (okay, we’re done being cheeky). With the BOS urethane dumbbells, you have the guarantee of a 2% tolerance from the listed weight, which is exactly what should be expected for commercial-grade quality.
    What other dumbbells make up for in price, they sacrifice in beauty. No offense, Rubber Hex Dumbbells but the initial smelliness, how chalk shows on the rubber, and the wear they’ll show over years… it ain’t exactly appealing for a high-class gym. With the Urethane Dumbbells though, you get what you pay for. Precisely knurled handles for a grip that feels just right when going for your next PR. Or that clean BOS logo etched into the sleek, non-tacky urethane. Give these beauties a chance and their stunning presence will elevate the rest of your space for years to come.
    These aren’t some cost-cutting dumbbells where the heads will loosen over time (looking at you, bolt-on heads). Nope — we pulled out ALL the stops on these. The stainless steel heads of our urethane dumbbells are pressed onto the chrome-coated steel handles using a 200-ton hydraulic press, then welded into place and coated in urethane for extreme durability. This means that they’ll survive drops and tumbles, while casually flipping the bird to rust.


BrandBells of Steel
Weight Range5-100lbs
Total LengthVaries
Handle Diameter32mm: 5-50lbs
34mm: 55-100lbs
Usable Handle Length5.2"/132mm
Handle MaterialHeat-Treated Steel
Handle CoatingHardened Chrome
Outer Head MaterialUrethane
Inner Head MaterialStainless Steel
Head AssemblyWelded
Tensile Strength220,000 PSI
Warranty5 Years

IMPORTANT: Although the handles are welded to the dumbbell heads and can be dropped, we’d recommend that you minimize dropping them to extend their lifespan.

More awesome features of the Urethane Dumbbells

bells of steel placeholder image

Perfectly Knurled

Knurling is a fickle thing. Too light or too aggressive is unappealing, but the medium knurling on the urethane dumbbells is dialed down to a science. Its coarseness is the perfect middle ground between the passive knurl on our Utility Barbell and the aggressive knurl on our Powerlifting Bar.

bells of steel placeholder image

Low Maintenance Urethane

Touted as the king of dumbbell material, urethane stands above rubber in almost every aspect. But make no mistake, his royal highness doesn’t need pampering. Unlike rubber, the sleek black urethane coating shrugs off chalk, sweat, and grime — requiring less cleaning while looking pristine even after years of use.

bells of steel placeholder image

Professional Aesthetic

Whether you own a commercial facility, train clients in your fitness studio, or you’re the only lifter in your home gym (#teamnospotter), a full set of urethane dumbbells will look absolutely captivating. But if you’ve got less space in your home gym than in a can of sardines, then definitely go for a set of Loadable Dumbbells instead.

Precise 2% Tolerance

Instead of a cast-iron head under the urethane coating, the heads of the urethane dumbbells are machined from stainless steel. This precise machining process boasts an accurate 2% tolerance, though many of our dumbbells are within 1% of the listed weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

The heads on the urethane dumbbells are made from urethane (outer material) and stainless steel (inner material).

The handles on the urethane dumbbells are made from heat-treated steel and coated in hardened chrome.

The handles on the urethane dumbbells have a useable length of 5.2″/132mm.

Yes, they can! Unlike cheaper dumbbells, the heads of the urethane dumbbells are pressed onto the handles using a 200-ton hydraulic press and then welded in place so they won’t loosen. This makes them able to withstand being dropped. To maximize their lifespan, simply minimize how often they’re dropped.

Yes, without a doubt. Our original commercial dumbbells were made from 100% PVC with a bolt-on head and passive (mild) knurling. These urethane dumbbells are more durable, have better grip, and are more aesthetically pleasing than the originals.

Yes, the urethane dumbbells will fit on our Residential Dumbbell Rack.

The distance between the inside edges of the dumbbell heads on the urethane dumbbells is 5.9″/151mm.

The urethane dumbbells are wrapped and packed in singles or pairs in separate boxes, then shipped in a crate as a set. This helps keep shipping to a minimum as the crates are compact and can be stacked in freight transit, keeping costs low and reducing the risk of damage in transit.

The urethane dumbbells are covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees that they will not break under normal use for 5 years and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.

⚠️ WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov