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Squat Bar By Strongarm


Thicker, longer, and stiffer — the Squat Bar by StrongArm has a 12” extra-wide center knurl to keep massive weights “velcroed” to your back, designed specifically for titan squatters.

FEATURES • 1.2″ diameter 97.2″ length 55lb weight Bare steel shaft Aggressive knurling Chrome sleeves 1,500lb capacity


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This item: Squat Bar By Strongarm

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The Squat Bar by StrongArm was built for squat titans to be stiffer, thicker and longer — for world-record lifts.

If you are really serious about your lifting, and moving some serious weight, like squatting 600lbs, 800lbs, 1000lbs (or more) then a squat bar may be perfect for you.


Weight55.1lbs / 25kg
Diameter1.2" / 32mm
Total Length97.2″ / 2,469mm
Loadable Sleeve Length15.5″ / 393mm
Knurling MarksPowerlifting
Centre KnurlYes
Shaft FinishBare Steel
Sleeve FinishHardened Chrome
Sleeve AssemblyBronze Bushings & Snap Rings
Tensile Strength110,000 PSI
Max Capacity1,500lbs / 680kg

IMPORTANT: The Squat Bar by StrongArm is 4mm thicker, about 5” longer and 10lbs heavier than a standard barbell.

StrongArm Deadlift bars are

  • Thicker and stiffer: Than a regular powerbar. When you squat into the hole with a big weight, you want that bar to stop quickly at the bottom, with zero “whip”, meaning you are not trying to come back up while the weights are still going down. Most power bars are 29 or 30 mm, our squat bar is 32 mm thick, resulting in a very stiff bar.
  • Longer: Than a regular bar. The longer sleeves allow for more weight to be put on, especially necessary if you are using gym plates, that tend to be wider than competition plates. The longer shaft provides more space for the big guys to get their hands out wider, while still inside the collars.
  • More knurling: On your back. Most regular power bars have 4 or 5 inches of knurling in the center, our squat bar has a full 12″ of coarse knurling for that real “velcro’d on the back” feeling.
  • Custom made: To our specifications, not an off-the-shelf bar.
  • Course knurling: with sharp points.
  • Made of Chromium alloy steel: Chromium allow is designed to add hardness to stee
  • The shaft is bare steel: sleeves are finished with a hardened chrome plating.
  • Bar weight: Bar weight is 25 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has a 32mm diameter and 2,469mm/97.2″ length.

It weighs 25kg/55.1lbs.

Yes, regular 2-inch collars and Olympic weight plates will fit this bar.

In the box, you’ll find the barbell itself and a generous coating of oil in order to minimize oxidation during shipping

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your bar will not bend under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.