Rubber Flooring Gym Mat
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Rubber Flooring Gym Mat 3.0


Perfectly proportioned ultra-durable Rubber Gym Mats to protect your floor and plates.

FEATURES • 39.6lbs weight • Low smell • 0.75″ thickness • Vibration-reducing rubber • 1-year warranty • No assembly required • Sold in singles


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Perfectly proportioned, the Rubber Gym Floor Mat 3.0 is made from
ultra-durable rubber to protect your floor and plates.

Made of recycled non-smelly sneaker and consumer-grade rubber, these mats were designed specifically for weightlifting — as opposed to most slab mats which are designed for barns. With ultra-smooth easy to clean fine rubber on the top and larger crumb rubber on the bottom.

WIth specialized bumps on the bottom, it helps to disperse the weight being dropped causing your plates to bounce less, dampens the sound and allows for better drainage in case of a damp environment. The smaller, square cuts make them ideal for fitting perfectly into your floor space. 2-mats are the perfect size for a bar with plates, 4 is ideal for a power rack setup.

Specs Per Mat

Top MaterialFine Rubber
Bottom MaterialCoarse Rubber
Shipping Box Dimensions39" x 39" x 1"