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bells of steel fitness sandbags
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Fitness Sandbags

Our simple and effective Fitness Sandbags are an amazing tool to add to your workouts. Backed by a 1 year warranty.





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Sandbag workouts are simple and effective, and the Fitness Sandbag is the greatest sandbag around.

Here’s a fun fact for you: sandbag training works – and not just works, but is a game-changer.

And my new Fitness Sandbags stand out from the crowd for 3 reasons:

  • Versatility: This simple cylinder style fitness sandbag has been around for a while, and was mostly used as a tool for strongmen, as they’re ideal for awkward carries, pressed and loading. But with my simple addition of 3 handles adds a whole magnitude of additional exercise options to keep your training fun, and improvements continuous. The top handle makes the sandbag ideal for farmers walk carries and cleans, and the 2 side handles are perfect for bicep curls and various rotational and press movements. Because the handles are a thin, durable strap, they do not interfere when you don’t want to use them and prefer to grip the bag directly.
  • Durability: With a 1-year warranty and built with Condura, a material designed for toughness and abrasion resistance. But these are just words, and they’re only meaningful when backed by action! That’s why the Fitness Sandbags have been tested for 1,000 drops. There’s also a triple leak prevention system, starting with an inner bladder, followed by a zipper and finished with super-strong velcro.
  • Price: At nearly half the price of our competitors you can add this valuable training tool to your arsenal for an excellent price.

We suggest using new, clean sand for filler or if you’d like a lighter, cleaner and less shifty filler try our recycled tire rubber crumb that’s 40% lighter density than sand. To learn more, check out How to Fill and Lift Your Fitness Sandbag.

The Fitness Sandbag comes with a 1-year warranty but is void if used on abrasive surfaces, filled past their weight limit or used for slamming instead of dropping.

Filler weight in lbs

SandRubber Crumb
  • Additional handles built in.
  • Made with tough as nails Cordura.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Internal bladder for minimal spills.
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John h.

50lb sack of awesomeness

My wife loves using this for over the shoulder throws, and squats, with the ability to hold it close you can really dig deep with Those squats, staring material and different handles make it easy to grab and feel confident using

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Over all fitness
Curtis C.

100 Sandbag

Sandbag has met all my expectations! Solidly built and holding up to all my demands on it so far

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Functional strength

Best sandbags ever

My wife and I have abused these bags lol. We throw them around ,pick them up and drop them, and load them like stones. Not one grain of sand has fallen out of these bags. I would definitely recommend them. My only complaint was I didn't order heavier ones sooner.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Mma, strength and conditioning

Bells of Steel

The sandbags are a great tool to get some conditioning in. Good luck on your MMA journey! Enjoy the gains, Erica and the B.o.S crew!

Ian G.


I got the 50lb and 100lb bags, and will probably get the 150lb soon. Great quality sandbags for a nice price. They're a good shape and so far after half a dozen uses I haven't noticed any sand at all escaping. I generally don't use the handles (I'm doing carries, loading and overhead work), but it's nice that they're there as an option. Going up in increments of 50lb means that there's a need for a 75lb bag, and probably a 125lb bag as well, since without these the jumps are very big. But the bags themselves are excellent.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: general strength

Bells of Steel

I agree, there is a need for smaller increment bags. This is a great idea so I will pass this information along to our product development team. Enjoy the strength, Erica and the B.o.S crew!

David G.

Great sandbag

The sandbag is made of quality material , it looks like it be long lasting , definitely will be adding additional weights to my collection

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength conditioning

Bells of Steel

These sandbags are sure to stand the test of time while taking a beating. Enjoy the gains, Erica and the B.o.S crew!