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Classic Figure 8 Straps


Outlift your limits with the Classic Figure 8 Straps!

The figure 8 design provides an ultra-fast and easy setup, with durable quality made to last.

FEATURES • Sold in pairs • Foam wrist padding • Figure-8 design • Easy-to-use • Rubberized outer • One-size-fits-all


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Outlast your grip and outlift your limits with the Classic Figure 8 Straps!

That PR attempt is waiting… time to pull yourself up by your boot lift straps.

Benefits of the Classic Figure 8 Straps

    There’s no greater buzzkill than fumbling with your regular lifting straps for 2 whole minutes before a deadlift PR attempt. But with the Figure 8 Straps, you’ll be locked & loaded in seconds. Put one loop over your wrist, then send the strap under the bar and stick your hand through the other loop. Grab inside the straps (check the images for a show & tell) and you’re ready to crush that new record 💪🏻
    So you think you shouldn’t lift heavier than you can hold? Pfffft. Get a GRIP. Sure, we’re all for improving your grip strength and *ahem* getting your hands dirty, but let’s be real: your grip shouldn’t limit you from growing the LARGEST muscles in your body. Use these when hitting heavy rack pulls, shrugs, lat pulldowns and low rows, so you can focus on your form while building your back, and keep your hands intact.
    Figure 8 Straps can increase your confidence while handling heavy loads, so you stress less about your poor wittle hands and focus more on smashing your PRs. The figure 8 design is so secure that the barbell will feel married to your hands, you can even let go of the bar completely and it’ll stay put — talk about secure! If only we had the same confidence when asked about how much we bench 😅

Specs - Classic Figure 8 Straps

Brand Bells of Steel
Strap Length 12”/305mm
Strap Width 1.5”/38mm
Wrist Padding Length 4.5”/114mm
Wrist Padding Width 1.75”/44mm
Sizes One-Size-Fits-All
Color Black

IMPORTANT: Please note than the design of the Figure 8 Straps makes it harder to bail a lift/let go of the bar. If you prefer total control of your grip, then check out our Classic Lifting Straps instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the Classic Figure 8 Straps?

    The Classic Figure 8 Straps dimensions are:

    • 12”/305mm strap length
    • 1.5”/38mm strap width
    • 4.5”/114mm wrist padding length
    • 1.75”/44mm wrist padding width
  • Is there padding on the Classic Figure 8 Straps?

    Yes, there are two 4.5″/114mm x 1.75”/44mm foam padding strips on the Classic Figure 8 Straps in both wrist areas for better comfort during your lifts.

  • How many Classic Figure 8 Straps come in a package?

    These Classic Figure 8 Straps are sold in pairs, so there are 2 straps per package.

  • How do you clean and maintain the Classic Figure 8 Straps?

    To care for your Classic Figure 8 Straps, hand wash with warm water and mild detergent then hang dry.