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5 Barbell Holder


Protect your barbells and keep your gym tidy with the compact, durable 5 Barbell Holder.

FEATURES • Stores up to 5 bars • Fits 2″ Olympic sleeves • 37.5lb weight • Steel • Black powder coat


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Meet the Five Pillars of G̶r̶e̶a̶t̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ Gainz

Sure, Caesar was on to something with attitude and perseverance, but we’re more about accessories and presentation. Et tu, Clutter?

Benefits of the 5 Barbell Holder

    The only thing worse than leaning your barbell against the wall for storage *shudder* is running physics experiments with an unstable barbell holder. Conclusion: gravity always wins, and you’ll bruise more than your ego this way. This hefty steel beauty weighs 37.5 lbs to counterbalance your precious barbells, so you don’t have to stress about the inevitable fall of your personal lifting empire. That said, don’t store all your barbells on one side. Deal?
    Not everyone has the space for a horizontal barbell display. Storing barbells your vertically will help you veni, vidi, vici home gym clutter and create a functional temple of gainz. This compact design tucks into a corner to keep your floor space clean. And while we totally support you buying as many Bells of Steel Specialty Bars as possible *waggles eyebrows at the SS3*, a 9 Barbell Holder might be overkill in a small home gym… for now.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your home gym likely won’t be either (unless you follow our comprehensive assembly videos… just sayin’). Don’t like where you put your wall-mounted barbell racks? Rip them out, move, measure, patch drywall, and waste a weekend. Don’t like where you’ve put your 5 Barbell Holder? Just scooch it over. *scooch scooch*


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 37.5lb/17kg
Length 12.1"/305mm
Width 12.1"/305mm
Height 8.5"/215mm
Sleeve Diameter 2.05″/52mm
Coating Black Powder Coat
Material Steel
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: To minimize the risk of tipping, please space your barbells evenly across the 5 Barbell Holder. Avoid storing them all on one side at all times; diagonal and opposing layouts are ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the 5 Barbell Holder's dimensions?

    The 5 Barbell Holder is 

    • 305mm/12.1″ x 305mm/12.1″ in width and length 
    • 215mm/8.5″ in height
    • 37.5lb in weight
  • What is the 5 Barbell Holder's material?

    The 5 Barbell Holder is made from steel, with a plastic inner in the sleeves.

  • What barbells can fit in the 5 Barbell Holder?

    The 5 Barbell Holder’s holes are 2.05″/52mm in diameter, so they fit up to Olympic barbell sleeves (2″/50mm in diameter) with a couple of millimeters to spare.

  • What is the finish (coating) on the 5 Barbell Holder?

    The 5 Barbell Holder is finished with a black powder coat 

  • Is the inside of the 5 Barbell Holder lined?

    Yes, the 5 Barbell Holder is plastic lined to protect the sleeves of your barbell from metal-on-metal contact

  • What is the warranty on the 5 Barbell Holder?

    The 5 Barbell Holder is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that the Barbell Holder will not break under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.