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Jump Rope


Skip away the calories with our Jump Rope! Includes a convenient storage bag for workouts on the go.

FEATURES • 10′ max rope length • Ergonomic handles • 0.38lb weight • Black color • Two cable types • Includes storage bag • Ships unassembled


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Skip (away) the calories, not the cake.

With the Jump Rope, you can get a short & sweet workout anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of the Jump Rope

    If you’re tired of going *THUD, THUD, THUD* on a treadmill or you just can’t stand the air bike (don’t blame you, it’s called “Satan’s Tricycle” for a reason), you might just fall in love with our jump rope. After all, it’s been proven that skipping is a high-intensity activity [1] and it’s estimated that you’ll burn around 140-190 calories for every 1,000 skips [2], pretty good for a sub-10-minute workout! So, put on your favourite workout hoodie, blast your theme song, and roast those calories 🔥
    The 10′ rope length is long enough to fit tall athletes but can be adjusted to a shorter length as well, and there are TWO cables included with every jump rope. The generalist cable is 4mm thick with a 70g weight, making it great for everyone. However, the speed cable is made for serious skippers. It’s got a 3.2mm thickness and 50g weight, making it the ideal option for quick conditioning workouts and perfecting your double-unders. The handles are ergonomically shaped to minimize arm fatigue with athletic tape applied on top for better grip.
    One of the greatest benefits of a home gym is the convenience of working out whenever you want. But what about when you’re on the road? With the jump rope, you can easily get a wicked workout when you’re on the go. At less than 0.5lbs, this feather-weight skipping rope won’t weigh down your backpack or suitcase in the slightest. And thanks to the handy storage bag, it’ll stay neatly coiled until it’s ready for use 🎽

Specs - Jump Rope

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 0.38lbs/0.17kg
Max Cable Length 10'/3.05m
General Cable Thickness 0.13"/3.2mm
Speed Cable Thickness 0.16"/4.0mm
Assembly Tools Not Required
Color Black
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: The Jump Rope has a 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of the Jump Rope?

    The weight of the Jump Rope is 0.38lbs/0.17kg.

  • What are the dimensions of the Jump Rope?

    The dimensions of the Jump Rope are:

    • 10’/3.05m max length
    • 0.13″/3.2mm general cable thickness
    • 0.16″/4.0mm speed cable thickness
  • What is included with the Jump Rope?

    This is what’s included with the Jump Rope: 
    • Two handles
    • One generalist cable
    • One speed cable
    • Storage bag
  • What tools are needed to assemble the Jump Rope?

    No tools are needed to assemble the Jump Rope, as the small Philips screws to adjust the cable length can be loosened/tightened by hand.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the Jump Rope?

    The shipping box dimensions of the Jump Rope are:

    • 0.5lb weight
    • 7.5” length
    • 5“ width
    • 2“ height
  • What is the warranty on the Jump Rope?

    The Jump Rope is covered under a 1-year warranty, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.