Crumb Bumper Plates Custom Set
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Crumb Bumper Plates Custom Set

Craft your own personalized Crumb Bumper Plates Custom Set by choosing a minimum of 3 pairs, and get 10%.

Please Note: The 55LB plates are being discontinued, so grab yours while supplies last.

*Plates sold in pairs only.

  Product Quantity

Pair of 10lb Crumb Bumper Plates


In Stock

Pair of 15lb Crumb Bumper Plates


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Pair of 25lb Crumb Bumper Plates


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Pair of 35lb Crumb Bumper Plates


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Pair of 45lb Crumb Bumper Plates


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Pair of 55lb Crumb Bumper Plates


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Build your own personalized weight plate collection
with the Crumb Bumper Plates Custom Set.

Hate 35s but still want a bundle deal? Or maybe you just stack 45s like they’re going out of style and need some more for your arsenal.

Look no further, friend. Build your own unique combination of plates while reaping the discounts of pre-made packages.

Benefits of Crumb Bumper Plates

  • They will survive being dropped on a regular basis from overhead
    Bumper plates are designed to survive being dropped. The rubber is much thicker than just a coating and the hubs are sturdier and wider. Our bumper plates are solid rubber, and have held up in competitive weightlifting gyms.
  • Standardized diameters
    Steel plates come in a variety of non-standardized diameters, so if you are doing any exercises pulling from the floor, such as deadlifts, or cleans, unless you have 45lb plates on each side you will be pulling from a deficit.
  • Safety
    The number one advantage of bumpers is safety for the lifter. A lifter who hesitates to dump a bad lift because they’re afraid of damage to the floor or the equipment is more likely to get hurt. Bumpers take any worry about damage completely out of the equation. Bumpers are most frequently used for performing the Olympic Lifts – The Snatch, Clean and Jerk, as well as supplementary movements such as power cleans, and jerks.


BrandBells of Steel
Weight10, 15, 25, 35 & 45lbs
Plate Diameter450mm/17.7"
Hole Diameter51mm/2.0"
ColourBlack with Colour Flecks
Tolerance+/- 1%
Material100% Recycled Rubber
WarrantySee Below

WARRANTY: 90 days for 10 & 15lbs. 1-year for 25, 35, & 45lbs.