bells of steel Belt Squat / Lever Arms rack attachment
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Belt Squat / Lever Arms – Power Rack Attachment


A compact, money-saving, multifunctional Belt Squat / Lever Arms Rack Attachment. Ideal for home gym owners who are tight on space and money.

FEATURES • Compact squat solution • Black powder coat • 48mm/1.9″ sleeve diameter • Easy assembly • Includes: Lever Arms, Plate Pegs and Dip Belt


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Achieve new personal bests, save space (and money)
with the Belt Squat / Lever Arm Rack Attachment.

By combining our Lever Arms, Plate Pegs, and Dip Belt, you get a fully functional belt squat solution that plugs into any of our current power racks.

Benefits of the Belt Squat / Lever Arm Rack Attachment

    The belt squat exercise shifts the load to your hips, resulting in zero spinal loading. This means that you can squat without needing to use your upper body. Taking the weight off your torso allows you to give your upper body a break or even work around nagging injuries.
    Taking up minimal space, this Belt Squat / Lever Arm Rack Attachment is perfect for home gym enthusiasts. If you leave your Lever Arms attached when not in use, converting them into a lean, mean belt squatting machine is simple: simply pop off the end cap, lock in your Belt Squat Belt and attach your Plate Peg. Ready, set, squat!
    A huge benefit to the Belt Squat / Lever Arm Rack Attachment is that the included components can be used as standalone versions — you get a pair of Lever Arms, a pair of Plate Pegs and a Belt Squat Belt. Rows, high pulls, presses and Romanian deadlifts are all possible with it.

Specs Per Lever Arm

BrandBells of Steel
Total Length1025.5mm/40.3″
Sleeve Diameter48mm/1.9"
Loadable Length228.6mm/9.0″
Sleeve CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Max Capacity200kg/440lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Our Belt Squat / Lever Arm Rack Attachment ONLY fits upright tubing dimensions of 2.3” x 2.3” (60mm x 60mm) with 5/8” holes — the current Bells of Steel upright size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Belt Squat Attachment includes:
• Two (2) Lever Arms
• Two (2) Plate Pegs
• One (1) Belt Squat Belt
• Mounting brackets & hardware

The total combined weight of all items included with the Belt Squat Attachment is 30kg/60lbs.

The Belt Squat Attachment components (Lever Arms and Plate Pegs) have a black powder coating.

The Plate Pegs that are included with the Belt Squat Attachment have a 229mm/9” loadable sleeve length for weight plates.

No, it’s very unlikely that the Belt Squat Attachment will fit.

The Lever Arms and Plate Pegs are designed to fit perfectly to fit our racks with 2.3” x 2.3″ / 60mm x 60 mm and 5/8” holes, so non-BOS racks are almost always incompatible.

The Belt Squat Attachment has a warrantied weight capacity of 200kg/440lbs.

Only Olympic weight plates (with a 2” diameter center hole) will fit on the Plate Pegs included with the Belt Squat Attachment.

Across all Belt Squat Attachment boxes, you’ll find the following pieces: two (2) tubing strips with mounting brackets with hardware (bolts, washers, nuts), two handles, and four hitch pins + four cotter pins for the Lever Arms.

Also included are two (2) Plate Pegs and the Belt Squat Belt: belt, oversized carabiner, short-chain, and two small carabiners.

To assemble the Lever Arms for the Belt Squat Attachment, you’ll need:
• 19mm box end wrench
• 19mm socket & ratchet

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that the Belt Squat Attachment will not break under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.