Tricep Rope Attachment
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Tricep Rope Extension


Transform your triceps with the Tricep Rope Extension!

FEATURES • 27.6″ length • 2lb weight • 25mm diameter • Plastic end caps • Carabiner compatible • 1-year warranty


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Sculpt your arms into a set of triumphantly
terrific triceps with the Tricep Rope Extension!

Your isolation muscles CRAVE variety, just like a gym bro thirsts for their caffeine-ridden pre-workout drink.

So, give those horseshoe-shaped muscles what they want — a simple and affordable triceps building solution.

Benefits of the Tricep Rope Extension

    It’s a rope tricep extension, how complicated could it be? You’d be surprised, homie. Poorly designed versions have a diameter that’s too thin or is made of slippery material, like you’re trying to hold onto a wet spaghetti noodle. But, not our tricep rope extension! The thick 25mm diameter offers a solid grip while bringing your tris to failure, and the quality nylon is resistant to abrasion — so it’ll hang in there through thick and thin.
    The tricep rope extension was designed to fit on cable machines that use a carabiner to fasten the attachment to the cable. And what’s a bigger buzzkill than missing a new PR attempt? Exactly, a carabiner too small to fit the cable attachment. *Wah wah wah waaaahhh* But don’t sweat it, just swap that lil’ carabiner for a one that’s a teensy bit bigger so that the tricep rope extension can clip into the cable — problem solved.
    Thanks to the thick nylon construction and hard plastic end caps, you’ll have a comfortable grip while blasting your triceps to armageddon. And with the ability to pull the rope almost fully to one side of the eyelet attachment, you can use it for ab-focused movements like woodchoppers or single-arm tricep exercises. Either way, you can sculpt the perfect horseshoe-sized triceps that’ll make you say YEEEE HAWWWW!


BrandBells of Steel
Rope MaterialNylon
Caps MaterialHard Plastic

IMPORTANT: Due to its construction, the tricep rope extension is only compatible with machines that have a carabiner on the end of their cable.