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  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Light Commercial Rack
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Perfect Rack

Absolutely the perfect rack for me. This rack is built to last, very sturdy and the height is perfect for my basement gym.

Anonymous verified customer review of  - 83.5 - Full Size
Bells of Steel

Hey, Thanks for the great review. We take pride in our racks durability. Again, thanks for the awesome review.

joshua j.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength and overall health
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Power rack 5.1, Power rack 5.1 Lat pulldown, Barenaked 2.0 bar, Flat Bench Mighty Grip,
  • Product Condition: Beat Up Boxes

Professional Gym Quality at regular guys home gym price

Start to finish Bells of Steel was exactly as advertised. I've already had 3 buddies over for a workout who have complete Rogue gyms at home. Once they experienced the quality and I told them the price they all 3 agreed they made a huge mistake not giving Bell of Steel a try. I'm using the extra money I saved to buy a Blitz Air Bike by BOS and several other additions. Small mishap with a duplicate order number and my order getting sent to another customer. Once I contacted Kaevon and his customer service team they took care of the issue and got my order sent to me ASAP! All the items were easy to un-package and put together. The installation videos on youtube Andrew created were a great help! Once all the bolts were tight the rack was sturdy and solid as a rock. All the included rack rollers Jcups, Nylon sandwich Jcups, and the safety spotter straps were much higher quality than I expected. CONS:The rack was pretty scratched up in several places I assume due to shipping. Bells of Steel has earned my business and a customer for life. I won't hesitate recommending their equipment to anyone in need!

joshua j. verified customer review of  - 83.5 - Full Size
Bells of Steel

Hey Joshua, ​ ​We appreciate the review, this really made our day. We pride ourselves on our quality to price ratio. Sorry again about the mix-up! Thank you for sharing a photo of your awesome home gym. Thanks again for your support and writing this awesome review.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: General Strength & Conditioning
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Bumper Weight Plates, Utility Bar, Dip Station, Rubber Flooring Mats
  • Product Condition: Beat Up Boxes

Awesome Piece of kit!

Just got mine and have used it over the last week. Very impressed with the quality of the unit. I have mine set up on the rubber mats also available, and it's extremely solid. Between doing some moving around during pull up and chin up variations, the thing really doesn't move - good and solid. Coating quality is great - not epoxy but ample for a home setup. No issues putting it together, with 2 people it's a breeze. The included J-Hooks and Roller Cups are awesome as well, and after using safety straps, I don't think you'd ever go back to bars. My only gripes: 1) I bought the plate pegs and had planned to put 3 on either back side. However, I quickly found this would really limit my placement for the safety straps and J-Hooks. It was my own fault really, I just never really thought about the clash of the placement much. I just swung the next tier to the inside, as pictured, and it's fine. But if you don't want the weights inside the rack, maybe look at the Brute 2.1 if you have the space and extra cash - it's likely what Ic would have done if I had my time back for dedicated plate storage. Not Bells of Steel fault by any means, but just for your consideration. 2) Shipping was a pain. I paid $200 flat rate as I'm in Newfoundland - again, not Bells of Steel fault. However, when the order showed up, it was combined with with another gentleman's order, and the shipping company informed me I'd have to pick through it to see what was mine and what was his - not what I wanted to have to deal with. Then, I was told there was only 1 skid of material, when there was actually 2, and it took about an hour, with some headache and confusion, to get that sorted. The second skid, which contained most of the other fellas order, was poorly wrapped so the weight plate boxes were on a fine lean - it could have been better secured for sure. In the end I did get all my materials in one pick-up, but it was a pain. Not entirely Bells of Steel fault, but maybe ensure orders are separated properly, and secured well. Considering another shipping provider is likely not an option, I'm sure.

Bells of Steel

Hi Adam, I can’t thank you enough for your kind review. I love hearing that the rack stability exceeds your expectations! I appreciate your feedback about the freight companies, shipping is an ongoing battle and we constantly strive to refine and improve. Thanks again for your support and writing this awesome review. Happy Lifting!

Justin Duck
  • My Fitness Goal Is: strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Light Commercial Power Rack
  • Product Condition: Perfect


great quality product for an unbelievable price. set up was very simple and i absolutely love the rack

Bells of Steel

Hello Justin, I can’t thank you enough for your kind review, We strive to provide our customers top of the line equipment at a very reasonable price. Thanks again for your support and writing this awesome review. Happy Lifting!

Mitchell Smith
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Glute Loop

Stellar Piece Of Equipment

*I should state that while I have used it, I don't personally own this rack yet, but I have just put it through it's paces at West Indy Barbell in Indianapolis. You will find my observations below. I've been semi-seriously shopping for a rack for my home gym for some time now. I've been in or around the strength and conditioning business for a number of years, so I've used dozens of different racks from dozens of different manufacturers. Most of these have been commercial quality pieces that cost upwards of $2000. In some cases upwards of $5000. Now of course I'm not going to tell you that this rack is as good as those, because it obviously isn't...but it's still damn good, and considering the price and the price of the's truly great. 1. Tubing diameter - If you hadn't told me this wasn't 3x3 tubing, I probably wouldn't have noticed...and I'm fairly detail oriented(as evidenced by the length of this review). Even though it's 2.3x2.3 it looks and feels more like 3x3 than 2x2. The rack feels very solid and has minimal movement. I should state that the rack I was testing had the lat pulldown attachment and the cable crossover station attachment which both widen the footprint and add to the stability, so perhaps the bare rack is slightly less solid than the one I used, but then again it also wasn't bolted down. 2. Attachments - The other concern with the tubing diameter is attachment compatibility. Being as this is an odd-duck sizing, you won't be able to use any of the slide on attachments from Rogue, Titan, or any other company on this rack. However, because the width between the left and right uprights is the same as the Monster Lite racks, the hole diameter is 5/8, and because 2.3" is smaller than 3", you should be able to use many or even all the Rogue/Titan bolt-on style accessories if you're handy enough to shim up the gaps. If you're not handy, just bet on being stuck with only using B.O.S. attachments. That being said, this isn't that bad because they have just about any attachment I need, the quality of the attachments seems fine, and they are cheap, so it's no big deal. I expect I'll buy and rig up the Rogue bolt-in reverse hyper or GHD at some point way down the line if B.O.S. doesn't come out with versions of them in that time. Really, there are only two reasonable reasons someone might skip this rack, and the first is attachment compatibility. The second is that it's Chinese made, which matters to some of us, but is par for the course at this pricepoint. If you are interested in my thoughts on individual attachments, go check the webpage for that attachment. I'll try to write reviews on everything I've tried. One last thing to talk about with regard to attachments. First off, with any other rack brand I've seen, the base rack only comes with pin/pipe safeties and standard j-cups. This rack comes with roller j cups (I can't even find these for most other racks, and when I do, they're $150+), sandwich j-cups (Rogue charges $125 extra for these), and safety straps instead of pins. The last one is a point of personal preference, but the strap systems tend to cost more than the pins. I'm sure you can buy a set of pins for this rack for cheap if you want them. Overall, this is a lot of extra value when trying to compare apples to apples with racks. 3. Features - This rack has a few features that are not common on racks in the price range. The first is a flat-foot design that is easily bolted down if you want. The rack sits flat and does not NEED to be bolted, but there are flanges and holes to bolt it if you want. I like this because it gives you both options. This also means that the lower crossmembers that connect the front and rear uprights are on the floor. This is great if you like deadlifting in the rack, because the bar won't hit the crossmembers (looking at you rogue). On the flip side, you probably won't be able to pull sumo or squat with a super wide stance in the rack because you can't slide your feet under the crossmember like you can on ones that are off the ground. Just have to weigh your preferences here. I don't squat wide or pull sumo so I am more than happy to have the flat foot. All in all this is a stellar rack for the money. I intend to buy one, and I suggest you do to if you're looking for something that is good quality and also good value. I am confident that it will last a good long time. I priced out a Rogue to be equipped as closely to this as possible and it was north of $2000...with no roller J-cups.

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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 70 in

84.5" – Full Size, 72" – Short Size

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