Suspension Spotter Arms
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Suspension Spotter Straps and Bodyweight System


Quickly wrap the straps around any rack to add another level of protection. Includes a pair of handles for bodyweight exercises like push-ups, rows and dozens more.


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Suspension Straps to keep you safe, and handles to add even more bodyweight exercises to get you strong.

The Bells of Steel Suspension Straps is your new favorite rack accessory. Every rack out there includes safety features such as pipe pins or safety straps. Check out Power Rack Safety Straps vs Bars vs Arms. Both of these systems work just peachy for modern-day training to keep you safe. But what if I told you there’s a better way?

Safety Straps and pins are to adjust and can make set up and tear down of a lift a long and annoying process, with suspension straps it’s much easier to find where you bottom out on a lift and to quickly adjust for your next exercise.

Suspension straps also open your training up to more exercises, like suspended good morning, bench press lockouts and any other partial compound movements you want to try to make you even stronger.

The other significant feature that the Suspension Straps help with is the containment of your bar that is being bailed on from a squat or bench. With Suspension Straps, the bar and plates will be contained in the strap system much more efficiently than the strap or pin system preventing dropped weights from a height that can be violent and damaging to your equipment. The bar and weight stay suspended in the center of the rack, you simply step away from your weight and let the straps take care of the rest!

The suspensions straps set includes rack protector straps to prevent the chain from scratching to your racks paint job.

Bells of steel Suspension Straps not only act as a spotter system, but they include accessories to make an entire bodyweight System and include adjustable handles.

The handles now turn your safety device into a full body work out. Simply hang your Suspension Straps around your rack, clip handles to them, and now you have endless amounts of strap exercises to improve your gains. Some of the exercises you can do with the strap and handle include:

  • Rows
  • Chest Flys
  • Assisted Squats (Single Leg/ Double Leg)
  • Push-Ups
  • Overhead Extension
  • IYT’s

The Suspension Spotter Straps and Bodyweight System is a complete system that includes the following:

  • A pair of Suspension Straps with a chain, clip, and shackle for easy height adjustment.
  • Rack protector straps with a triangulated steel piece at the bottom to slide your suspension straps into easily.
  • Pair of handles with four rings for height adjustment and a thick rubber handle.

Suspension Strap made of Nylon

Wide1 inch
Thick1 1/4 inch
Long84 inches
Nylon loop on each end4 inches
Connector chain36 inches
Clip1 (Large)
Shackle1 (medium)

Rack Protectors made of Nylon

Wide3 1/2 inch
Long25 inches
Nylon Loop7 1/2 inch
Steel piece3″ triangular

Handles made of Nylon

Wide1 inch
Thick1/4 inch
Long14 1/2 inches
Metal Rings4 spaced 3 inches apart
Thick rubber handle5 inches wide