Specialty Weightlifting Bars in America

Specialty barbells are an excellent addition to your home gym and offer a great variety to your training.

By only using carefully selected barbell manufacturers with decades of experience, we can craft top quality specialty weightlifting bars to our exact specifications, at an unbeatable price.

Our proprietary specialty weightlifting bar designs include:

  • The trap bar which allows you to learn to deadlift safely and is also a generally excellent accessory lift that will make you stronger. Our in house designed trap bar features full length rotating sleeves, an essential feature for your workouts, but rarely found.

  • The safety squat bar, which relieves pressure and gives your shoulders a break is perfect for those with limited shoulder mobility. It’s also a fantastic tool for just spicing up your training routine, to keep things interesting and get you stronger.

  • And the curl bar, well that’s easy, because here in America when the sun’s finally out after winter, you better be ready to have an impressive set of guns out!

We also carry a line of hard to find in America proprietary specialty powerlifting bar designs:

Bells of Steel specialty weightlifting bars have been independently reviewed by garagegymreviews.com and offer unique features and great value. All of our specialty barbells ship fast and FREE from Indianapolis to across America.