It’s clearly no secret that we love our kettlebells and will shout that straight from the rooftops, but we also want you to love them just as much as we do. These little pieces of magic are taking the rehab and performance world, and our little Russian cannonballs are our best tool when it comes to looking, feeling and becoming our best. So, through this list, we want to show you just how great the kettlebell really is!

When you workout with kettlebells, your balance, strength, agility and endurance are improved greatly. Kettlebells challenge the cardiovascular and muscular system in such a way that is not comparable to any other fitness tool.

The Best Workout Tool for an All-in-One Workout

The main benefits of training with kettlebells lay solely in the philosophy that revolves around the movements that allow the functional human patterns. Drills involving kettlebells have focused, historically, on working the various muscle groups at the same time, while dumbbells are just commonly used for regular isolation drills, such as curls and lateral raises. This is most common in traditional western techniques for weight training. They can be more of a challenge than dumbbells, but have thicker handles and higher rep schemes. This results in training you to achieve a vice grip in no time flat. The weight that is off-centered with a kettlebell forces you to use somewhat more stabilizer muscles, which works the muscles that have been targeted through a range of motion that is indeed longer.

These Workouts Burn Calories Like it’s Nothing

The La Crosse Exercise and Health Program study that was conducted by the University of Wisconsin and published in ACE Fitness Matters, found that the average person burned approximately 20 calories per minute while participating in a kettlebell workout. This equates to around 400 calories total during a regular workout that last 20 minutes. These are amazing results, and exactly what we love to see, because it proves just how beneficial the kettlebell can be. These results are also an equivalent to a 6 minute mile run, or skiing uphill cross country at a quick pace. Think about that; you’re getting the same results that you would with skiing or running, and can do it in your living room.

The researchers have noticed that each person who participated in the study achieved an exercise heart rate, as well as an uptake of maximum oxygen. These results suggest that the kettlebell provides more of an intense workout than standard weightlifting. The rapid-calorie burn is because of the interval training format for a kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells Reduce Training Time and the Need for a Large Training Facility

That statement in itself sounds like a fairy tale, but we can assure you, it’s nothing but reality. With kettlebells, you do not have to wait for that guy who hogs your favorite machine to get off, and you can literally stand in one area for the entire duration of your workout. This means that you do not have to use energy going from one place to another, but staying in the same area until you feel like dropping. Plus, you do not even really have to leave your home if you have your own bells. Training with these tools are ideal for the more smaller facilities, or where the space is somewhat limited. This is because the workout itself takes up next to no space at all.

Training with Kettlebells is Great for Your Back and Develops Back Extensor Endurance

That statement basically speaks for itself, but when you exercise with kettlebells the hip flexors as stretched and the glutes are strengthened, which will do nothing but magical wonders for your body. If you are not sure what either of those things are, just look at it this way; when you start experience back pain, no matter how severe, it’s because your glutes are weaker than they are supposed to be and your hip flexors are too tight. When you workout with kettlebells, you’re literally keeping back pain away. How amazing is that? Kettlebells also improve the back extensor, which is usually the cause for chronic back pain. If you are someone who suffers from back pain, whether or not it’s chronic, working out with kettlebells can bring some real benefits to your case and to help you feel that much better.

Training with Kettlebells Improves Your Over All Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Levels

Considering the fact that many kettlebell exercises occur in an overhead position using your arms, the responsible muscles for assisting the process of breathing through an engaged muscular activity. This allows both to assist the respiratory process, which is amazing in itself alone. This entire process forces all of the muscles that are responsible for how we breathe to play a much bigger part when it comes to cardiovascular fitness. This part is truly amazing, because it’s been proven that training with kettlebells literally helps you to breathe better. How awesome is that? What other tool or workout can do that for you?

So enough reading pointdexter, time to get to work!