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Well we’ve been working on this for a few months now, and it’s now finally finished. Our first eBook:Beginner Kettlebell Sport, A Comprehensive 4 Week Guide To Becoming a Girevik. We talk a lot about competing, and a lot about Kettlebell Sport. We think it’s pretty awesome, and is greatly unrepresented. Regardless if you have any interest in competing in it, the benefits of incorporating Kettlebell Sport into your training regime are numerous. I always like to use Misty as an example. Misty is one of the best female BJJ athletes in the world. She is also 44, and because there is no female master class, she rolls with pups half her age at tournaments, and beats them. She was named athlete of the week by global news, check out the link below.

Granted Misty is an athletic marvel, her training methods need to be noted. She EXCLUSIVELY uses Kettlebell Sport for her strength and conditioning, and we would like to see more athletes incorporating GS (Girevoy Sport) into their training regimes. So subscribe to our newsletter below, get your free copy of Beginner Kettlebell Sport, A Comprehensive 4 Week Guide To Becoming a Girevik, use it, and send us feedback!

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