Landmine attachement
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Landmine Power Rack Attachment


Twist, row, and press with this handy, compact Landmine Attachment. Compatible with all Bells of Steel Racks, Squat Stands & Yokes.

Fits other racks with 5/8″ holes with a width or length no larger than 3″.

FEATURES • Compact design • Protective inner lining • Easy installation • Black powder coat • 7″ sleeve length • 1.9” sleeve diameter • 315lb capacity


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Build explosive power and a rock-solid core with
the affordable, compact Landmine Attachment.

Get the most out of your power rack space by adding this inexpensive and versatile tool to build explosive power and rotational strength.


Sleeve Diameter47.6mm/1.9”
Sleeve Length178mm/7"
CoatingBlack Powder Coat
LiningUHMW Plastic
Max Capacity143kg/315lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions11" x 5" x 4"
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT: Our Landmine Attachment should fit on any rack that has 5/8” holes and an upright tubing no greater than 3” in either width OR length. Please note that you’ll likely have to source your own bolt & locking nut if using on a non-Bells of Steel product.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has 47.6mm/1.9” handle diameter, 406.4mm/16” total width, and sits 737mm/29″ off the rack.

It weighs 2.3kg/5lbs.

It has a black powder coating.

Yes, the top 2” inside the Barbell Holder has a UHMW plastic liner to help protect your bar from scuffs.

The Landmine Attachment should fit on any rack that has 5/8″ holes and an upright width or length no greater than 3”.

Only Olympic barbells (2” sleeve diameter) will fit snugly in the Landmine.

It has a 143kg/315lb weight capacity.

In the box, you’ll find the following pieces: Landmine sleeve, mounting bracket with bolt and nut, mounting pin with locking nut, and Allen key.

To assemble it, you’ll need:
• Allen key for locking nut (included)

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that the Landmine Attachment will not break under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.