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Lat Pulldown Attachment – Hydra


The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment gives your back muscles some much-needed love with pulldowns, rows, curls, pushdowns & more!

Adds 25″ of depth & 4″ of height.

Compatible with our Hydra power racks & select racks that have true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes.

FEATURES • 3 height options • 2-in-1 design • 70lb weight • Aluminum pulleys • Angled weight horns • Includes 2 bars • 500lb weight capacity • Ships unassembled

ATTENTION: Choose the Lat Pulldown that matches the height of your rack’s uprights (72-inch Lat Pulldown fits: 72-inch uprights, 72-inch uprights with flat foot & 72-inch upright with flat foot + name plate crossmember).



Out of stock: "90 Inch Lat Pulldown - Hydra - Box 1" does not have sufficient quantity in stock.


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In Stock




Invisible Lat Syndrome (ILS) is a serious illness — don't be a victim.

Bumping into strangers for no reason? Unable to walk through doorways without turning sideways?
Tired of carrying around imaginary suitcases for hours on end?

You don’t have to struggle with ILS in silence… the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment can help.

Benefits of the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment

    The 2-in-1 design of the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment offers lat pulldowns and cable rows using the same machine. Rotate between the two seamlessly, without needing to rejig the cables at all. And instead of conquering yet another section of your basement or garage, this add-on simply mounts to the back of your Hydra power rack — adding just 25″ of depth to your existing rack (not including weight plates).
    With a typical power rack, you’re limited to barbell rows & pull-up variations to train your back muscles. But with the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment, the gates of Lat Heaven swing wide open with the chorus of a thousand baby angels. Thanks to the dual cables, curls, pushdowns, face pulls & shoulder raises are within your grasp. And with an ankle strap, glute side kicks & kickbacks will help you build a set of sculpted cheeks that even Hercules would envy.
    The shining feature of the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is its price. You’ll save some BIG bucks compared to the Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine and when bundled with any Hydra power rack, you’ll save even more! This is great news because you’ll immediately want to spend those savings on an extensive collection of cable attachments 😉


BrandBells of Steel
Length (Depth)Adds 25"/635mm
HeightAdds 4"/102mm
Pull Ratio1:1
Pulley MaterialAluminum
Steel Thickness11-Gauge
Sleeve Diameter1.9"/48mm
Loadable Sleeve Length10.9"/276mm
CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Machine TypePlate-Loaded
Total Weight Capacity500lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT : The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is ONLY compatible with our Hydra racks & must match the height of your rack uprights (72″, 84″, or 90″) to fit correctly.

More AWESOME features on the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment

Angled Weight Horns

The upward angle of the weight horns keeps your weight plates from jumping ship like a crew of pirates who are fresh out of rum. And although the steel tubing sleeves are too small for Olympic-sized collars, our axle collar clips will fit just right (not that you really need them though!)

Non-Slip Tread Plate

The large sloped opening of the footplate ensures that the cable moves freely without the risk of it stripping. And with the diamond-patterned texture on the footplate, your feet will have a solid grip. So, you never have to worry about an accidental slip while lighting up your lats 🔥

Leg Pad Included

I get it, you’ll be maxing out that 500lb capacity in no time. But instead of flying out of your seat during your lat pulldowns, you’ll stay locked down in place thanks to the supplied leg pad. Just slide it onto your uprights and secure the locking pins — no ejecto-seato for you, amigo!

Aluminum Pulleys

The velvety-smoothness of this lat pulldown attachment gives peanut butter a run for its money. With its sleek aluminum pulleys, you get an upgraded aesthetic and better durability than nylon. Paired alongside the hefty guide rods, that commercial-grade glide is felt with every bite rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without weight plates loaded on the sleeves, the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment adds 25″ of depth to your rack. Having 45lb plates loaded on the weight horns, with 2″ of space between the plates and a rear wall will require 35″ from the back uprights of your rack.

Including the extending parts of the upper pulleys, the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment adds 4″ of height to your rack.

The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment weighs between 70-73lbs, depending on the height that is chosen.

The loadable sleeve length on the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is 10.9″/276mm.

The total weight capacity on the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is 500lbs.

It’s possible. The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment mounts to a same-sized power rack on two spots: the lower crossmember (requires 5/8″ holes that are 6″ apart, centre-on-centre) and the upper crossmember (requires vertical 5/8″ holes that are also 6″ apart (centre-on-centre). If your rack doesn’t have these features, this attachment will NOT fit.

Yes, the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is compatible with Rogue Monster Lite power racks. However, you MUST buy a Bells of Steel 43-inch crossmember (sold separately) to replace the upper crossbeam of your RML rack. This is required, as RML racks do not have vertical holes on its upper crossmember for the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment to mount onto. Please note, Bells of Steel is NOT affiliated with Rogue Fitness in any way, we just get this question a lot.

The pulleys on the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment are aluminum.

The weight horns of the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment fit 2″ Olympic weight plates.

The pull ratio on the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is 1:1, meaning that 10 pounds will feel like 10 pounds.

The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is shipped in 2 separate boxes.

To assemble the Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment, you’ll need:
• 17mm box end wrench (not included)
• 17mm socket & ratchet (not included)

The Hydra Lat Pulldown Attachment is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.