You’re ready, you’ve done your research, you know full well a home gym is going to save you time, money and get you training more frequently. There’s just one issue; analysis paralysis.

There are so many options out there; what is the right bar for me? Do I get a full rack or half rack? Should I get bumper plates even though I don’t do Olympic lifting?

Fret not my friend; I’m here to make your life easier and better.

Bells of Steel does this in two ways;

1. Everything we sell is curated and carefully decided on to provide the best and most straightforward solution to bring you closer to your training goals.

This is why we only have a select few styles of bars, benches, plates and racks. We’ve figured out the best bang for your buck and rather than goofing around and offering dozens of options that don’t make an impact in your success, we provide a few to make things easy.

2. We’ve made the below three videos to make your decision even easier, with simple and clear benefits/features laid out one by one.

So go ahead, take a few minutes to inform yourself. Then scroll down to use our garage gym builder to build your dream gym with the perfect pieces for your needs.