A squat stand (AKA press squat stand) is not just a power rack’s little brother. These versatile, compact and less expensive units are an excellent addition to your gym if it’s tight on space, or if you’re tight on cash. The core difference when it comes to a squat stand vs a power rack is the safety. While power racks are entirely enclosed, allowing you to dump a loaded barbell safely, with stands, it’s just you and the iron.

Adjustable squat stands are the standard in Olympic weightlifting gyms across the world. They easily allow you to convert a weightlifting platform into a multi-use space, allowing quick, easy setup to do squats, presses, jerks and even bench.

If you’ve only ever squatted in a power rack and are not sure how to use stands, it’s virtually the same. Just adjust the jcups to your height and get squatting (or benching!).

Best Squat Stands

At Bells of Steel we have several models for sale, each with their own features.

  • The super yoke is a free-standing squat rack / stand hybrid, typically used as a strongman implement, loaded with weight and carried across your back for time and distance. The Bells of Steel Super Yoke also doubles as a squat stand and is compatible with our jcups and most of our attachments, including safety spotter arms (if you are looking for a safer option).

  • The squat stand 3.0 is the best stand for home gym use, if you don’t have the height and space clearance for the super yoke. They come with wheels and are easy to roll out for working out, and then roll back into the corner when you need to the use the space for something else (though what is more important than your garage gym??).

  • The squat / bench combo rack is a competition standard stand and is the best model for powerlifters, as it is designed the same as the stand that’s used in powerlifting competitions. The bench can be removed, and the whole apparatus bolted to the floor for better stability.

Like all of our racks, all Bells of Steel stands carry a lifetime structural warranty and ship fast from Indianapolis, to across America.