Weight Lifting &
Strength Equipment America

It used to be a struggle to buy strength equipment in America. You had to go to an old fashioned physical fitness equipment supplier where they’d try and sell you the latest fitness gizmo. Not to mention their selection of strength building equipment consisted of thigh masters, ab shockers and other dust collectors.

Performance Fitness Equipment

Now fast forward to present day where much of our fitness equipment’s exclusive features were personally designed by founder Kaevon Khoozani to provide home gyms and light commercial gyms top-quality strength equipment at an unbeatable price.

Our uniquely designed line of classic strength building equipment, like power racks and bench presses, come packed with features that will help you get stronger. In addition, our original strength equipment like belts squats, are the perfect equipment to compliment your pursuit of bodybuilding, powerlifting or to stay fit and healthy.

All of our exercise equipment is stored and shipped quickly from Indianapolis, Indiana, to all over America.

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