The winner of the March 2020 gym of the month is

needles_and_deadlifts from Instagram.

A father to twins and a competitive powerlifter, I’ve enjoyed seeing their consistent and quality training videos on Instagram. Here’s what needles_and_deadlifts had to say in our winner questionnaire;

Why did you start your home gym?

I started my home gym in preparation for the arrival of my twins. I wanted to spend time at home while avoiding a dad bod.

What’s your current fitness goals?

My current fitness goal is to qualify for USAPL raw nationals and become a top 50 lifter in the nation.

What program are you following?

I’ve been writing my own programs so I won’t disappoint a coach if I fall off.

What Bells of Steel equipment do you own?

I own the BOS light commercial rack at my work and a BOS power bar. I also, own a strongarm buffalo bar as well as their calibrated plates.

What’s next on your wish list?

I’d like to get the open trap bar next for my wife

What is your favourite Fitness hack?

My favorite fitness hack is entering a meet; it’ll force you to train with a purpose and keep you on track, more discipline and less excuses

Where can people follow your training?

Instagram handle : needles_and_deadlifts

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