Confused about which barbell to buy? Watch our barbell buying guide!

Bells of Steel is America’s choice for where to buy barbells online.

Buying a barbell online can be tricky. For a product that is all about weight and feel, it can be a difficult decision to make without seeing it in person. But we are here to make it easy for you to buy the best barbell in America for your home gym or commercial gym.

Types of
There are, to be perfectly honest, an unreasonable amount of barbell sizes and weights, finishes, knurling patterns and other options. It can be downright overwhelming to make a decision. So that’s why we stock a simple four types of straight barbells, and only a handful of specialty barbells, to make your choice easy.

The Utility Bar
The best quality beginner bushing barbell. It’s a well-rounded and cheap barbell; cheap in price that is, but not with regards to quality. It is crafted to the same high quality standards as other Bells of Steel products, and backed with an excellent warranty.

The B.o.S. Bar
An Olympic weightlifting needle bearing barbell that has the perfect amount of spin for doing Olympic lifts.

The Barenaked Power Bar
Explicitly designed for powerlifters, this is an excellent bushing barbell with a fantastic grip that was also voted best budget powerlifting barbell by garage gym reviews.

The women’s B.o.S. bar
An Olympic weightlifting needle bearing bar that meets IWF specs for female competitors.

Top-Quality/Warranty Backed Barbells

Bells of Steel produces top-quality, feature-rich, warranty backed barbells that will last a lifetime in your home or commercial gym. We design our barbells in-house based on our expertise, along with feedback from customers like you. Our mission is to deliver you the absolute highest quality to price ratio possible. To put it simply, we provide you with the best barbell for the money.

Why they’re the Best Garage Gym Barbells for your dollar

High tensile strength machined steel
For prevention of bending and warping over time.

Federation compliant barbell knurl marks
So if you compete, you will be lifting with familiar barbell knurling dimensions and will not go over the barbell grip width limits when bench pressing.

Reliable and consistent barbell knurling
For a superior grip for setting new personal bests and preventing hand tears.

Unique ribbed weight plate sleeves
To prevent plates from falling off your barbell sleeve while working out.

Over 1,000 lbs max weight on all our bars

These are just a few reasons why our bars are the perfect fit for your gym. Our apocalypse surviving barbells are ready to handle the most massive workouts you can throw their way. You’ll be delighted with the quality and astonished with the price. We stand behind our products 100% and all barbells come with our 30-day money-back guarantee and industry-leading warranty.