Conflict bumper plates
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Conflict Bumper Plates


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Conflict Bumper Plates.
High-Visibility Meets Tough Durability.

Let’s not sugar-coat it, the defining feature of these plates is not revolutionary by any means. That said, they do eliminate a common bumper plate annoyance: not being able to instantly recognize the weight of your plates.

The vibrant coloured lettering against the black background of these bumpers will help you easily identify the weight you’re using: 10 pounds (gray), 15 pounds (white), 25 pounds (green), 35 pounds (yellow), and 45 pounds (blue). No more cranking your neck at just the right angle to read your plates.

These are perfect for home gym lifters and commercial gym owners who want a sleek-looking bumper plate at an affordable price. If you’re looking for low-bounce bumpers click here.


Diameter450mm – IWF Standard
InsertsStainless Steel
Weight tolerance+/- 1% of claimed weight
Warranty 90 days10lb & 15lb
Warranty 1 year25lb, 35lb, 45lb

Benefits of Conflict Bumper Plates

Without a doubt, these bumper plates belong in your gym — here’s why.

  • Easy readability.
    These bumpers are all black, with our brand name (Bells of Steel) and the word “Training” painted on in the corresponding colour that identifies their weight in pounds. Rest assured, you can read these bad boys from across the room.
  • Low-medium bounce.
    In terms of bounce, these fall between our crumb bumpers and dead bounce bumpers. While they don’t have nearly the same bounce control as our competition-grade plates, they come at a much more affordable price.
  • Warranty-backed.
    Invest in your equipment with peace of mind. We guarantee your 10 and 15-pound bumper plates for 90 days. 25, 35, and 45-pound bumpers are warrantied for 1 year.
  • Shock-absorbing.
    Bumper plates are rubberized for a reason — to protect your floor and your bar. Compared to our cast iron plates, these plates will help dampen the shock of a dropped barbell to save your floor from serious damage and help your barbell go the extra mile.
  • Highly accurate.
    Inferior bumpers can be up to 10% off the claimed weight, causing more weight to be on one side of the bar. Your equipment shouldn’t give you trust issues — put your faith in us with a +/- 1% guaranteed accuracy on your plates.
  • Solid durability.
    Built with virgin rubber, these conflict bumpers will outlast cheap bumper plates that use old recycled rubber. Combined with a thick stainless steel insert to resist rust build-up, these will support your personal bests for years to come.