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Weight Stack Pin

Easily micro load up to an extra 20lbs on your weight stack machine! Compatible with our Functional Trainer, Lat Pulldown & Cable Tower with Weight Stacks.

FEATURES • 3.7″ loadable length • 1.4lb empty weight • Chrome coated • Spring collar included • Locking hitch pin • 1-year warranty


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Make micro loading on your cable machine a piece of cake with the Weight Stack Pin!

Between lateral raises and bicep curls, a full 10lb weight jump can take you from “Well, this is easy” to “WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!”
Your isolation muscles crave sensible loading and with this simple Weight Stack Pin, you can stimulate them to grow instead of annihilating them altogether.

Benefits of the Weight Stack Pin

    Gone are the days of a jerry-rigged solution to micro-load your cable machine. And with the Weight Stack Pin, there’s not an ounce of rocket science involved. Just select your desired weight, and slide the weight stack pin into an open slot above the selector pin itself. Secure the hitch pin at the back, slip on your weight plates, add the spring collar and VOILÀ — you’re ready to lift!
    Most weight stack pins have a fatal flaw: they’re just a tad on the short side. This sounds fine until 20 pounds of weight plates come barreling down to the floor, having dislodged from the weight stack. And here at Bells of Steel, we actually like our toes being intact — so, our weight stack pin has a 4.25″ long centre rod that goes through the rectangular plate. This allows you to secure the hitch pin for extra peace of mind but if that wasn’t enough, it also includes a single spring collar. Because the only plate you ever want flying towards you is a plate full of tacos 🌮
    The weight stack pin’s sleeve fits Olympic weight plates, so you don’t need to go out and buy special plates. And if you already have a set of fractional plates, even better! The empty weight stack pin weighs 1.4lbs with the collar, so just two 0.5lb fractional plates give you that precise 2.5lb increase on the weight stack (well, technically 2.4lbs, but you know… math.) Oh, and don’t worry about scratches. This thing is coated in chrome for extra durability against abrasion.
    The weight stack pin was designed specifically to fit on our Functional Trainer, Cable Tower with Weight Stacks and Lat Pulldown, so you can guarantee that it will fit these units. However, it’s also compatible with most non-BOS cable machines, provided the depth of the weight stack plates is NOT greater than 4″ and fits a selector pin with a 10mm diameter rod.


BrandBells of Steel
Total Length8.26"/210mm
Sleeve Length3.74"/95mm
Rod Length4.25"/108mm
Sleeve Diameter1.97"/50mm
Rod Diameter10mm
Max Capacity20lbs

IMPORTANT: The Weight Stack Pin was designed for micro loading up to 20lbs only. Loading beyond the 20lb limit could permanently damage your weight machine. NEVER use the Weight Stack Pin as a replacement for the selectorized pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without any plates added, the weight stack pin (including the spring collar) weighs 1.4lbs/0.6kg.

The weight stack pin’s dimensions are:
  • 8.26″/210mm total length
  • 3.74″/95mm loadable length
  • 1.97″/50mm sleeve diameter
  • 10mm rod diameter

The weight stack pin’s weight limit is 20lbs.

It will fit correctly if: its selector pin rod is 10mm in diameter AND the depth of the plates is no greater than 4″. If your weight stack plates don’t have a hole on either side, the weight stack pin cannot be used safely with it.

The weight stack pin’s box includes the weight stack pin itself, along with a single hitch pin and a single spring collar.

Here are the weight stack pin’s shipping box dimensions:
  • 10″ length
  • 2″ width
  • 2″ height

No tools are needed to assemble the weight stack pin. Simply slide the narrow end through the centre hole of a weight stack plate and fasten the hitch pin at the back. Then, load your plates onto the sleeve and add the spring collar to secure them.

Covered under our 1-year warranty, this guarantees that the weight stack pin will not break under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.