Hanging Ab Straps
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Hanging Ab Straps


Hanging ab straps make a great addition to your home gym.  Add the abs, without worrying about your grip.


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Benefits of Hanging Ab Straps

  • Wide hammock design.
    Poorly designed versions have only a couple of inches of material for your arms to rest. The Bells of Steel Hanging Ab Straps have a 7″ width to avoids painful pressure sores. Since your body weight is spread across a larger surface area, you get the support you need to focus on etching the perfect six-pack.
  • Oversized carabiners.
    Having a carabiner break is one of the worst things that could happen when using ab straps. To minimize the risk as much as possible, our Hanging Ab Straps feature an oversized carabiner — rated to over 250lbs each. That’s 500lbs worth of reassurance — leg lift, crunch, and twist away, my friend.
  • Thick padding.
    Extra thick padding is woven into the inner layers of the Hanging Ab Straps, so that no skin pinching or chafing occurs. Enjoy the plush, smooth surface of these Ab Straps — and keep your triceps flex looking world-class.
  • Build chiseled abs.
    It’s no secret that hanging knee raises and leg lifts can build a set of washboard abs (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you — toes to bar). That said, most lifters will challenge their grip more than their actual abdominal muscles with these exercises. With the Hanging Ab Straps, you can forget about your grip and focus entirely on getting an amazing core workout.