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Safety Squat Bar - The SS3

The Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar (SS3) helps build your quads and posterior chain, without shoulder/upper body flexibility or injury.
FEATURES • 32...

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Loadable Dumbbell - Single - 20.5"

The 20.5" Loadable Dumbbell by B.o.S. is an excellent alternative to costly and space consuming dumbbell sets.

EZ Curl Bar – 47″

The Bells of Steel EZ Curl Bar helps you build perfect bicep peaks without straining your wrists and elbows.

FEATURES • 28mm diameter • 1,200mm/47.2″ length • 10.2kg/22.5...

Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

One of the most versatile specialty barbells you can get for your gym. The Arch Nemesis S...

Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 - Rotating Sleeves

The Open Trap Bar is one of the most versatile barbells to have in your gym. Smoother pul...