Grip Lock Collar
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Grip Lock Collars

Collars that are designed to fit our Lever Arms and Arch Nemesis Bar.


* Does not fit 2″ barbells.


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Less distractions and safer lifting with Grip Lock Collars.

Benefits of the Grip Lock Collars

  • Reduce injury risk. Your biggest injury risk in the gym after a pinched finger is an injured toe from a dropped weight. Since Lever Arms are often used for explosive exercises, there’s a greater risk of your little piggies getting an ouchie.
  • Less distractions. Nothing throws off a set more than having to stop halfway through it to reset your weights. Instead of interrupting your focus mid-set, the Grip Lock Collars will keep your weights firmly in place from your first rep until your last.
  • Easy-on, easy-off. The amount of profanity due to stubborn barbell collars is staggering. Simply flip the thumb tab all the way up to open the collar to its max-width, making it easy-as-cake to mount or remove.
  • Protect your bar. Cheap collars sometimes have metal or chrome chips that stick out. Over time, these can leave scratch marks on your otherwise beautiful barbell. With the inner rubber pads on the Grip Lock Collars, you never have to worry about damage to your barbell.


Collar Weight (Pair)0.2kg/0.4lbs
Inner Diameter50.8mm/2"
Outer Diameter82.5mm/3.25"
Intended UseSteel tubing
Material TypePlastic
Shipping Box Dimensions152mm x 72mm x 25mm/6" x 3" x 1"
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT: The Grip Lock Collars will NOT fit standard barbell sleeves, they’ll ONLY fit the metal tubing sleeves on our Lever Arms and Arch Nemesis Bar.