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Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 – Rotating Sleeves

The Open Trap Bar is one of the most versatile barbells to have in your gym. Smoother pulls and being easy to load gives you an unmatched deadlift experience.


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Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 – Rotating Sleeves
This item: Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 - Rotating Sleeves

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The Trap Bar, also known as a Hex Bar is one of the greatest innovations in strength training equipment.

The Trap Bar often called a Hex Bar, is one of the best specialty bars for building strength and developing power in the deadlift.

Our latest in-house designed model has three core benefits that will make training with your new trap bar a dream. Want to learn more about specialty bars? Then check out our article: Best Specialty Barbells for Strength Training.

We firmly believe that if it’s a barbell, the sleeves should rotate. Unlike almost any other trap bar on the market, our trap bar features rotating sleeves. To keep the bar more compact for both storage and shipping, the sleeves are a little shorter than full-length barbell sleeves; however, the plate block has been made extra thin, allowing for a full 7 B.o.S.45lb  iron plates to be loaded on each side. Fit even more calibrated plates with a maximum weight of 700lbs.

It Has a Built-in Deadlift Jack

A feature never seen before on a home gym hex bar, and is usually reserved for abhorrently expensive models. The Bells of Steel Open-Ended Trap Bar has a pair of built-in bar jacks. By rotating the bar vertically like a lever until it’s sitting on the feet of the jacks, the weight plates end up mere inches from the floor. This allows you to add and remove plates with total ease. The entire process is effortless; no longer will your trap bar be neglected and left on the sidelines simply because of the time and effort required to load and unload the bar.

An Open-ended Frame

This ingenious design offers several benefits over the traditional, closed-frame design.  The most important of these being access to far more movements than before. By opening up the front end of the bar, it is now possible to use your trap bar for split squats, Romanian deadlifts, weighted carries, lunges, and more, while still being perfectly balanced for your deadlifts and shrugs.

Rotating Sleeves

We firmly believe that if it’s a barbell, the sleeves should rotate. Unlike almost any other trap bar on the market, our trap bar features rotating sleeves. To keep the bar more compact for both storage and shipping, the sleeves are a little shorter than full-length barbell sleeves; however, the plate block has been made extra thin, allowing for a full 7 B.o.S.45lb  iron plates to be loaded on each side. Fit even more calibrated plates with a maximum weight of 700lbs.

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Weight47lbs / 21kg
Length59" / 1,500mm
Width22.2" / 565mm
Heigth4.8" / 124mm
Handle Sleeves Diameter1.9" / 50mm
Warrantied Weight700lbs / 318kg

The Benefits of a Trap Bar (Hex Bar)

It is considered by many to be both superior and safer than deadlifting with a traditional straight bar, as the load is centered and more balanced with a Trap Bar, which puts much less stress on the spine.

Here are just a few reasons why it should be your go-to specialty barbell:

  • Trap Bar deadlifts produce less strain on the lumbar spine than conventional straight bar deadlifts. This makes Trap Bar deadlifts useful not only if you have a pre-existing back injury (or if you just want to give the lower back a break without skipping their deadlift days), but also if you are a beginner who is still trying to develop baseline strength levels. To learn more, check out Can Trap Bar Deadlifts Replace Squats?
  • Training with a Trap Bar develops power as well as raw strength, and the carry-over from this kind of training into other sports is undeniable – Olympic weightlifters, Strongman athletes and powerlifters, and professional athletes alike can all benefit from incorporating Trap Bar deadlifts into their training.
  • Trap Bars with dual-handles like the B.o.S. Open-Ended Trap Bar, when used with the higher handles, can allow lifters with limited mobility due to an injury to still practice, perform, and perfect their deadlift. The higher handles are also useful for you if you’re having trouble keeping a flat back, as the higher starting point and shorter range of motion makes it easier to train this position and build some hip and back strength before starting to pull from the floor.
  • Trap Bars are just extremely versatile training tools. Standard deadlifts are only their primary use, but you can also use your Trap Bar to train:

    Farmers Carries, Romanian Deadlift, Single-Leg Deadlift, Shrugs, Seated Deadlift, Walking Lunges, Split Squats.

  • Adding a Trap Bar into the mix is just an excellent way to spice up your training and expand upon your training variety. Trap Bar deadlifts are mechanically different than a straight bar deadlift so that they will work your hips, quads, and back differently.
  • You will not find a nicer, more versatile, higher-performance Trap Bar that you love at a better price anywhere, and the B.o.S. Open-Ended Trap Bar, the only economical trap bar with a built-in bar jack! See the image for the exact dimensions. 700lb warrantied weight capacity. Weighs 47lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The trap bar/ hex bar has a 28mm diameter and a 1,500mm/59.1″ length.

The hex bar/ trap bar weighs 21.3kg/47lbs.

The trap bar/ hex bar has a black oxide coated shaft, with white zinc coated sleeves.

Yes, regular 2-inch collars and Olympic weight plates will fit this trap bar/ hex bar.

  • Assuming a spring collar is used and there’s a slight amount of free space at the end of the bar, here’s the number of 45lb plates that you can fit on each side of the trap bar/ hex bar:
  • 3.0 x 45lb Dead-Bounce Bumper Plates
  • 3.3 x 45lb Conflict Bumper Plates
  • 4.4 x 45lb Competition Bumper Plates
  • 7.3 x 45lb Mighty Grip Plates
  • 7.7 x 45lb Machined Plates

*A decimal means that additional smaller plates may also fit on top of the listed number of 45s, but not another full 45lb plate.

An open trap bar is a specialty bar that is primarily used by weight lifters and exercise enthusiasts to improve deadlift strength and power. It is made out of bars bent into angles and welded together to form a hexagonal shape. The hexagon features two large handles welded in the middle and an open-framed design that allows you to step in the middle and pick it up by the handles.

Open trap bars are worth it. It can help you get more workout variations, especially when training general movement patterns for heavier straight bar lifts.

The trap bar/ hex bar has a 700lb capacity.

Typically, trap bars have extra long sleeves. Our trap bar/ hex bar has standard barbell sleeves in order to cut down on shipping costs and make the bar more affordable.

In the box, you’ll find the barbell itself and a generous coating of oil in order to minimize oxidation during shipping.

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your bar will not bend under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.

Open trap bars are best used when you are learning to lift because they are user-friendly, can help with positioning and teach you about proper leg drive. It is designed to help minimize the amount of stress placed on the lumbar region of the spine. If you’re someone who wants to practice deadlifts but doesn’t want to put too much stress on your back because of an injury, or if you’re an athlete looking to build explosive strength movements, the open trap bar is the way to go.

Both conventional and trap bar deadlifts have many benefits. The hamstrings and spinal erectors are more activated in the traditional deadlift, whereas the quadriceps are more activated in the trap bar deadlift. Because of its design, the trap bar deadlift is slightly simpler to accomplish. It’s also easier to teach, has less shear force on the spine, and is safer to perform for MOST athletes.

The trap bar deadlift produces far more power than the traditional squat and deadlift, which is one of the most effective exercises in improving athletic performance. An athlete can easily lift weights, and move the bar quicker in a more explosive manner for any given load while reducing the risk of injury. It helps athletes develop powerful traps, back, grip, and core muscles.

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Versatile and the built-in jack makes it easy to load

I knocked off 1 star because I had to go buy some black gloss paint - during shipping one side of the bar (the side opposite the open portion) had the paint rubbed completely off in a few spots and that whole section the remaining paint was dull instead of glossy - I don't care as much about the looks, but paint also protects against rust so I had to get that fixed right away. Other than that, it works great

  • My Fitness Goal Is: General strength and fitness

Bells of Steel

Hey Darrin, Thank you for the review, We apologize as carriers can be quite rough occasionally but are happy to hear you were able to fix it. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William

A Bells of Steel Customer
Dean O.

Really like

Lots of good things, for me, with this bar. Shorter length is a plus (I don’t have a rack, and have a small space). Open hex is obviously a plus. Weight is a plus. Knurl is a plus. Small footprint is a plus. Able to load plates while bar is standing is a plus. Sizing and geometry is a plus. Quality is a plus. Customer service is a plus. Supporting a Canadian company is a plus. In the interest of transparency and feedback, there are a couple of things that perhaps could be improved: The double grip: perhaps slightly different angles could benefit future revisions; the top grip rubs into forearm when using the lower grip. The stands: perhaps could be further apart. A balanced bar would be nice, but honestly this is nitpicking. This bar is excellent value when compared to what is offered by competitors where I feel much gear is highly overpriced. Thanks BOS.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Improve and maintain strength.

Bells of Steel

Hey Dean, Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear you love the Olympic Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar. By the sounds of it, it seems like you are using the lower handle while the top handle is up. If you flip the bar around you can use the lower handle without the top handle interfering! Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Ken S.

Open Trap Bar

Works great, just a little dissapointed that even though my fitness store didn't show any available online.(2 hours away). I went to their store and found they did actually have the bar and it would have been $50 dollars cheaper from them. I did pick up the slam pads from them though. there a nice addition.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Gain strength and function after disfunction post back surgery and sepsis leaving me very weak.

Bells of Steel

Hey Ken, Thank you for the review! We are sorry about the stock issues. Sometimes returns or miscounts happen! Enjoy the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew


Hex Bar 3.0

Really liking this bar. The knurling and slimmer handles are perfect for my grip and a huge improvement over the previous bar I was using. I love the open design for doing lunges. The build quality is very nice and it has a beefy substantial feel. I’m already seeing gains in my deadlift since buying this bar.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Continued gains
Bells of Steel Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 - Rotating Sleeves Review

Bells of Steel

Hey there, Thank you for the review! We are so happy to hear you are loving the bar and the open design! Enjoy all the Deadlift gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew


Great product

The hex bar I purchased is working out great. Solid design. Would purchase from bells of steel again.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength training

Bells of Steel

Hey there Thank you for the review! Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew