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Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

One of the most versatile specialty barbells you can get for your gym. The Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar is our spin-off of the classic Swiss Bar and doubles as a cable attachment.


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Arch nemesis
This item: Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

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The Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar/attachment is essential for lifters with bad shoulders

One of the most versatile specialty barbells you can get, the Arch Nemesis is not only a shoulder saver and a bench builder, but it also doubles as a cable attachment. This welded bar has three different angled grips and a hook on the top for easy attachment onto whatever cable machine you have — or even better — pair it with the Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine.

Want to learn more about specialty bars? Then check out our article: Best Specialty Barbells for Strength Training.

IMPORTANT: The sleeves on the Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar are made of steel tubing instead of being regular barbell sleeves. This means that the sleeves are a few millimeters smaller than those on a regular barbell — regular 2” collars will not fit tightly without modifications. To find out how to secure your weight plates on steel tubing sleeves, click here. But the best way to secure weights on this bar is to use our Axle Collar Zip Clips, which are specifically designed for this bar’s steel tubing.


Measurements5.5″ x 7.5″ / 140 mm x 190 mm
Max Capacity600 lbs / 272 kg
Bar Weight24lb / 11kg
Length78″ / 1981 mm
Grip Handle DistancesNarrow: 12″ / 305 mm | Middle: 20.5″ / 521 mm | Wide: 29″ / 737 mm

Benefits of the Arch Nemesis Barbell

  • It protects your shoulders
    The 3 different neutral handle grips on the bar are a Surefire way to alleviate shoulder pain when pressing. The Arch Nemesis Bar also can allow a lifter with shoulder problems to get back to pressing with little shoulder discomfort.
  • It will increase your bench
    The bar has been used very successfully to develop lockout strength by shifting the stress to your triceps which will increase your lockout strength with big weights. The arch shape allows you to go beyond your typical ROM and get even deeper for massive gains. For more, check out the Top 5 Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar Benefits.

Here is a list of some of the most popular movements you can do with it

  • Bench Press
  • Bent over rows
  • Lat pull down
  • Hammer Curls

Frequently Asked Questions

It has 29mm diameter handles and 1,984mm/78.1″ length.

It weighs 10.9kg/24lbs.

It has a black powder coated finish, with steel tubing sleeves.

Yes, Olympic weight plates will fit this bar, but regular 2-inch collars will NOT secure the plates correctly due to the slightly smaller steel tubing diameter of the sleeves.

It has a 600lb capacity.

In the box, you’ll find the barbell itself and a generous coating of oil in order to minimize oxidation during shipping.

Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your bar will not bend under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.

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Ed L.

Shoulder Saver, Gainz Provider Barbell

I recently got this barbell (my 3rd one from Bells of Steel) and they never disappoint. I have been doing more load already and can complete my sets with the arch nemesis bar minus any shoulder discomfort. I have made it my go to bar for bench press and will try it soon for Lat routines. This is DEFINITELY a great addition to anyone's gym. Now I can work on my upper body without shoulder discomfort. The quality is top notch and the value for your buck is huge. Match it with the axle collar zip clips and your bar becomes even safer to use for more bench pressing and other routines. BoS Equipment to date: Barenaked powerlifting bar Ez curl bar Arch Nemesis bar Dead Bounce all black plates (10, 15, 25, 45 lbs) Competition Kettlebells (12, 14, 16 kgs) Powder coated Kettlebell (28 kgs) Deadlift Pads Axle collar zip clip Arm blaster Cable Pulley Fractional plates Calibrated Weight Plates (.5 lbs)

  • My Fitness Goal Is: strength and weight loss

Bells of Steel

Hey Ed, Thank you for the amazing review! We are happy you are enjoying the Arch Nemesis along with all the other BoS equipment! If you are loving the Arch Nemesis for Bench Pressing you are gonna love it for any type of rowing or pulling! Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew


Great Piece of Equipment for Long Limbs

As someone with longer limbs and a history of shoulder issues, this has been an amazing purchase. Taking a natural wrist position under the bar really allows for power production while also avoiding a lot of the common strain developed from the Olympic Bar. I will suggest taking your time with building up the weight with this or any swiss bar simply due to the fact that you'll have to find your balance maintaining an even angle with each handle(forearms and grip will be tested). Current Use: Seated Shoulder Press, Incline Bench, Skull Crushers, Close Grip Bench, Bent Over Rows

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Power

Bells of Steel

Hey there, Thank you for the review, We are glad you are getting great use out of the Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Brian H.

Arch Bar

Love the handles for all the grips !

  • My Fitness Goal Is: This bar will Compleat my , upper body workout . and reach a raw 400 lb bench at 72 years old thank you.

Bells of Steel

Hey Brian, Thank you for the review! Enjoy all those bench gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew


Great Piece for the Price

I wish I could leave 4.5 stars. This is a great piece, especially for the price and free shipping. You all had amazing communication and it arrived quickly. My one complaint is the mild knurling. It’s almost non existent. I would gladly pay a little more for aggressive knurling. Overall, it’s a great bar and highly versatile.


Bells of Steel

Hey Cory, Thank you for the review and the feedback on the Arch Nemesis. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Gary D.

Swiss Bar

It’s great. I didn’t need it for any pressing or curling so I had the ends cut off so it’s easier to use on my pull down machine

  • My Fitness Goal Is: General fitness

Bells of Steel

Hey Gary, We don't really recommend cutting up our equipment but We are happy to hear you are liking it for pulldowns! Enjoy all the back gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew