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Safety Squat Bar – The SS4

Upper-body injuries or immobility holding your back from squatting? With the SS4, that’ll be a thing of the past!

The dense pad is comfortable and the handles are easy to grab, so you’ll be back to squatting big weights in no time.

FEATURES • 45.6lb weight (bar only) • Pair knurled handles included • Comfy single pad design • Smooth rotating sleeves • Black titanized shaft & sleeves • 3 upgradeable handle styles

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Choose Your SS4 Bar Handles & Accessories

  • Safety Squat Bar - The SS4

    $319.99 each

    In Stock

  • SS4 Straight Handles (Pair) (Already Included)

    Nothing fancy, just a pair of beautifully knurled straight handles. Included by default with the SS4, but available separately since they're compatible with the SS3 (the previous version).

  • SS4 Chain Handles (Pair)

    Two knurled handles attached to short chains. When you want handles to grip without giving you any assistance (or want to channel your inner nunchuck-wielding ninja), these are the answer. Compa...

  • SS4 Seal Row Handles (Pair)

    Have a special place in your heart for unconventional back training? Let your love, and your back muscles, grow with the Seal Row Handles. Compatible with the SS4, and the SS3 (the previous vers...

  • SS4 Spider Handles (Pair)

    Two extra-long handles with beautiful knurling. The longer length is easier to hold, which is helpful when squatting with upper-body immobility or injury. Compatible with the SS4, and the SS3 (t...

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In Stock

Upper-body injuries and immobility won't stop you from squatting big weights ever again.

With the SS4 Safety Squat Bar, you’ll turn your leg days from lacking to legendary.

Benefits of the Safety Squat Bar

    Barbell back squats are great, but upper-body injuries and immobility can leave you doing diddly-squat for months (or years)… until now! The knurled handles on this safety squat bar are easy to grab and hold, so you can squat with minimal upper-body involvement. Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed pad is comfortable on your shoulders and can be used hands-free — making your squat impediments a thing of the past. So, grab your squat shoes and belt up. It’s time to squat heavy again! 🏋🏻‍♀️
    The Safety Squat Bar is one of the most versatile specialty bars you’ll ever own. You can obviously use it for safety bar squats, but that’s just the start: you can use it for front squats, Hatfield squats, good mornings, lunges, split squats, JM presses, and more! Combine it with resistance bands, chains, or a plyo-box to create different resistance curves and stimuli. The possibilities are nearly endless, and when you’re used to immobility and injuries holding you back, a versatile bar like this is a serious godsend (until you’re knee-deep into a squat workout, of course) 😅
    In our not-so-humble opinion, the previous SS3 was pretty darn good… but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement, and you suggested we start with our handles. So, the SS4 now comes with a pair of beautifully knurled short handles for that crème de la crème level grip. But if you love the finer things in life, we also offer 3 upgradeable handle styles (Spider, Chain, and Seal Row) for even more customizability and exercise options. All handles feature that same beautiful knurling, so you can maintain a grip on reality during your leg workouts ✊

Specs - Safety Squat Bar

Brand Bells of Steel
Bar Use Specialty
Weight (Bar Only) 45.6lbs/20.68kg
Length 86.61"/2,200mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 11.81"/300mm
Shaft Diameter 1.26"/32mm
Weight Capacity 1,500lbs/680kg
Bushings or Bearings Bearings
Sleeves Ribbed Yes
Handle Knurling Moderate
Fully Knurled No
Knurl Marks None
Shaft Coating Black Titanized
Sleeve Coating Black Titanized
Warranty Limited Lifetime
1-Year on Pad

IMPORTANT: The SS4 is designed to fit perfectly in any Bells of Steel rack. However, it will NOT sit correctly if used in a non-Bells of Steel rack wider than 49” between the outer edge of the j-cups.

Best Versatile Safety Squat Bar Badge - KOTG x BoS SS3 copy

More AWESOME features on the Safety Squat Bar

Comfortable Padding

Like its predecessor, the SS4 features a thick single-pad design. This style is superior to separate neck & shoulder pads, as your shoulders and collarbones have more contact with the pads. The high-quality foam padding is dense yet comfortable, so it will stay in place for even your sweatiest workouts 💦

Perfectly Balanced

The angle of the handles combined with the camber’s drop makes the balance of this safety squat bar just *chef’s kiss*. Whether using the default straight handles or a pair of upgraded handles, the bar will stay in position even with no hands. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. ⚖

Buttery-Smooth Reps

You’ll NEVER believe this, but rotating sleeves allow your weight plates to rotate — I know, total shocker. But aside from giving you velvety-smooth reps, rotating sleeves reduce your injury risk by putting less torque on your joints. Because the last thing you want when trying to work around an upper-body injury is to get a complimentary lower-body injury 🤕

Fits Racks Up To 49" Wide

The biggest complaint about the ol’ SS3 was that the camber (curved part of the sleeves) was spaced too narrow, causing the j-cups on non-Bells of Steel racks to push inwards. So, we pushed those curves farther out on the SS4 to make it compatible with any power rack with an outer width of up to 49″. Whether you have a rack from us or The Other Guys, all are welcome 🤝

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of the Safety Squat Bar?

    The weight of the Safety Squat Bar is 45.6lbs/20.68kg.

  • What is the weight of the handles on the Safety Squat Bar?

    The weight of the handles on the Safety Squat Bar are:

    • Short/Default handles = 4.2lbs/kg
    • Long/Spider handles = 11.7lbs/kg
    • Chain handles = 6.6lbs/kg
    • Seal Row handles = 7.0lbs/kg
  • What is the coating on the Safety Squat Bar?

    The coating on the Safety Squat Bar is a black titanized finish.

  • What weight plates fit the sleeves of the Safety Squat Bar?

    Only Olympic weight plates will fit the sleeves of the Safety Squat Bar.

  • What rack width is needed for the Safety Squat Bar?

    The rack width needed for the Safety Squat Bar is no wider than 49 inches between the outer edges of the j-cups.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the Safety Squat Bar?

    The shipping box dimensions of the Safety Squat Bar are:

    • 55.12lb weight
    • 87.6” length
    • 14.6“ width
    • 5.51“ height
  • What is the warranty on the Safety Squat Bar?

    The Safety Squat Bar is covered under a 1-year warranty for the pad and our Limited Lifetime Warranty for the remaining parts, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.